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Campaigners can help achieve system change so that farmers in the UK are handed the right tools to protect the planet.

The future of humankind is threatened by climate change and our food and farming system is a huge part of the problem. We urgently need to rethink the food we produce and grow.

Animal farming is one of the leading contributors to climate change and environmental degradation. At least 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal farming, according to the United Nations. What’s more, the agricultural sector is the number one culprit for water pollution, and is projected to make the smallest contribution towards meeting the UK’s 2050 carbon emission target. 

Agriculture holds a key to the climate crisis. We can feed our growing population sustainably with plant protein crops (pulses like peas and beans). These wonder crops have a huge range of benefits for human and planetary health. If we want a system that produces, sustainable, healthy, affordable, and ethical food for everyone, then a shift towards growing protein crops provides a win-win-win-win. 

What policies is The Vegan Society calling for?

Reward sustainable farming:
Farmers should be rewarded for growing sustainable, environmentally-beneficial crops like pulses. Growers should be given a payment per area of land they use to grow protein crops. 

Let’s get growing:
We all need farmers to put food on our plates. An entry scheme to get more people into farming, and growing protein crops, is essential if we are to feed our growing population sustainably. We should offer access to land, training and give support for start-up costs.

Discover the power of plant proteins:
Research can help unlock the true potential of plant proteins. Canada is now the world’s largest producer and exporter of pulses because of their investment into research and development. Similar investment should be made into the research and development of UK protein crops.

No more hidden costs:
The health and environmental costs associated with animal farming should be included in the final product. A meat tax, or a farmed animal tax, aimed at making farming animals less desirable, should be implemented.

British pulses for all:
An emphasis on vegan dishes containing British pulses within public sector canteens would help stimulate the market. Government should ensure that all public sector canteens are providing at least one vegan dish every day, as standard, and any containing pulses should be UK grown.

Give peas a chance:
The large farming lobbies do not represent current and future protein crop growers. We can give them a voice by asking policy makers to consult with them on farming policy.   

Email Action
Email your political representative today to let them know why we desperately need to shake-up UK agriculture.

Personalised emails are more likely to be read and taken seriously by your political representative. Need inspiration? Click here to copy our template letter to your clipboard, giving you an idea of points you may wish to raise.

The Vegan Society do not store any data from this form, it is sent to in order to find your local MP and pre-fill your contact details.

Send the Grow Green report. Send the Grow Green report to your elected representative and ask them to support our policy recommendations. You can find your MP, MSP, or MLA here. You can find your AM on the Welsh Assembly website.

Share success stories. Share plant protein agriculture success stories with your representative to let them know that people from around the world can successfully produce crops for human consumption without any animal inputs. Click here to download. 

Share your experiences. Please email campaigns[at]vegansociety[dot]com with any responses you receive, or to get in touch if you would like help lobbying your respective representative. 

Keep up-to-date. Follow @GrowGreenTeam on Twitter to receive update on the campaign. Why not get in touch with your political representative through social media as well. Don’t forget to tag your MP, MSP, AM, or MLA, and include #GrowGreen in any posts.

Donate. With your help, we can promote this issue to more decision-makers and farmers. You can make a one off donation and see other ways to support us here. Thank you.

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