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The Vegan Society is the world’s oldest vegan organisation whose founders came up with the term ‘vegan’ back in 1944. Who better to ask about all things vegan than us!

Whether it’s a breaking news story, you need an explanation for the huge growth in veganism, or an update on the latest vegan products – don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a number of spokespeople with expertise in different areas of veganism, available for press, radio and TV interviews, often at a short notice.

To arrange a chat with any of our spokespeople below, please contact our Press Office on 0121 827 9902 (9am-5pm) or on 07375 146457 out of hours. 

Spokesperson Sam Calvert

Sam Calvert

Head of Communications

Sam can cover topics such as the history of veganism and The Vegan Society, the life of its co-founder Donald Watson, and being vegan for over 20 years.

Spokesperson Heather Russell

Heather Russell


Heather can cover topics such as vegan nutrition for people of all ages, supplementation, hospital catering for vegans, and healthy living.

Spokesperson Francine Jordan

Francine Jordan

Media & PR Officer

Francine can comment on breaking and developing vegan news stories, new product launches, the rapid rise of veganism and announcements and events from The Vegan Society.

Spokesperson Tim Newthorpe

Tim Newthorpe

Senior Campaigns and Policy Officer

Tim works on environmental issues for The Vegan Society and can cover topics such as climate change, biodiversity, land and resource use, agriculture, and the environmental impact of diets.

Spokesperson Sabrina Ahmed

Sabrina Ahmed

Senior Campaigns and Policy Officer

Sabrina can cover topics related to affordability and accessibility, in relation to campaigns such as Catering for Everyone, Live Vegan for Less and Play Fair with Plant Milk.

Spokesperson Elena Orde

Elena Orde

Senior Comms and CPR Officer

Elena can cover why veganism is on the rise, tips for new vegans and our public-facing campaigns including Vegan and Thriving.

Spokesperson Louisianna Waring

Louisianna Waring

Senior Insight and Policy Officer

Louisianna can cover topics including the latest trends, consumer insights and market data on veganism, plus policy issues that affect vegan businesses.

Spokesperson Dr Jeanette Rowley

Dr Jeanette Rowley

Chair of the International Rights Network and Vegan Rights Advocate

Jeanette can comment on the human rights of vegans, vegan equality and discrimination, the issues vegan face in a variety of contexts, labelling vegan food, supporting employers, and embedding vegan equality in diversity policy and training. 

Laura Chepner, Vegan Society Education Officer

Laura Chepner

Education Officer and Chair of The Vegan Society's Education Network

Laura is the recognised authority on vegan-inclusive education and provides information on the importance of vegan inclusion from an educator's perspective. Laura can also speak about the experiences of vegan parents, children, and young people in mainstream education.

Claire Ogley

Head of Campaigns, Policy and Research

Claire sets the strategy for The Vegan Society campaigns and policy work. She has a background in political consulting and can talk about anything related to vegan issues in Parliament, Government or about our campaigns.

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