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We offer a unique product checking service, with years of experience, to ensure that your product’s vegan claim is valid and authentic. As the charity that coined the term vegan, we are the experts in this field.

Our Vegan Trademark holders benefit in a multitude of ways. From credible brand awareness, market insights, and access to the vegan community to discounted advertising opportunities, social media promotion, competitions, and product exposure at events. You can find out more about the benefits of getting the Vegan Trademark on our homepage.

Need to know more about the benefits of working with the Vegan Trademark? Watch our webinar.

We register any company that produces vegan-friendly products. We aim to make the Vegan Trademark accessible to everyone whose products fit our specific criteria. This includes products containing no animal ingredients, vegan processing aids used in manufacturing, and ingredients that have never been tested on animals on behalf of the manufacturer.

Our experienced officers will guide you through the four-step process of registering your products with the Vegan Trademark. If you'd like more details about registering with us, please watch our Introduction Webinar.

You can apply now to get started or fill in our simple enquiry form to talk to a member of our team.

Please allow between 30 and 60 working days. This is dependent on the complexity of your application and the efficiency of communication channels.

If you have any deadlines, please let us know and we will always do our best to work with you to meet them. We are happy to work directly with your suppliers on the registration.

As many as you want! There's no limit.

We know how helpful it is to have menu items clearly labelled when customers are looking for something to eat or drink. That's why we register individual menu items and dishes to demonstrate that they are suitable for vegans.

To register your dishes, you must have a stable and traceable supply chain for your ingredients. If this is likely to change regularly or you are unable to contact the suppliers of your ingredients, The Vegan Society’s trademark would not be suitable.

We also consider cross contamination as an integral part of menu item registration. Here is a short video about our cross contamination minimisation standards.

We have two different ways of working with supermarkets – either directly through yourselves or through your suppliers. Please get in touch to find out more!

The Vegan Trademark certification scheme has been around since 1990 and is now a trusted vegan accreditation recognised globally, with over 68,000 products registered. It was created in 1990 by The Vegan Society (the charity that coined the term ‘vegan’ in 1944) to improve product labelling and has been setting the standards ever since. 

Any product that meets our vegan standards can be certified, from food and drink to fashion, packaging, household items, musical instruments, book materials, restaurant/catering businesses, raw materials, and more.

Our team of experts checks each registered product and all its ingredients to make sure it meets our stringent standards. This is what makes the Vegan Trademark one of the most trusted vegan certifications internationally.

As part of a charity, the Vegan Trademark is committed to being accessible to everyone whose products meet our specific standards, from big companies to small businesses. All profits generated through our certification scheme go back into The Vegan Society’s charity work which includes education, policy campaigning, supplying grants, nutritional support and more.

From the beginning of the registration process, each client receives an account manager who will guide them through the registration process and beyond, answering any specific questions they might have.

Once registration is complete, Vegan Trademark holders receive a marketing toolkit, which will guide them through how to utilise their certification in their own marketing as well as exclusive partner opportunities. Vegan Trademark holders can also benefit from promotional opportunities on The Vegan Society and Vegan Trademark channels by featuring in campaigns, blog posts, social media posts, events, vegan publications, verified vendor lists and more. All promotional opportunities are subject to availability, audiences and scheduling restrictions.

The Vegan Trademark Licence

Yes. You must apply for a Licence Agreement to use the Vegan Trademark. You can find out more about the benefits of getting the Vegan Trademark on our homepage.

We allow the use of the Trademark without a licence for educational publication purposes only. Any use, including imagery or copy, must be approved by The Vegan Society. Please fill in our business enquiry form.

We offer the options of 12, 24 or 36 month licences.

Supermarket licences are usually set at 12 months to support the high turnover of products.

Vegan Trademark certification licences come with the choice of 12 or 24-month terms, at the end of which Vegan Trademark holders will get the choice to renew. A licence package can be increased to add additional products at any time. If the production or formulation of a certified product changes, this will need to be reviewed to ensure that it still meets our certification standards. Appointed account managers will be available for advice and support throughout and will advise Vegan Trademark holders when it is time for their licence renewal.

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