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Want to help create a more vegan world?

Text VEGN44 followed by your donation sum (e.g. £10) to 70070 now, or donate £10 via our shop here.

Want to help us promote the vegan way of life every month? Set up a regular donation via JustGiving today.

What your money pays for

£1 pays for 100 vegan outreach leaflets to be printed - better than buying a vegan chocolate bar, wouldn't you say?

£5 sponsors three Vegan Pledgers for one month - so you'll really be helping people directly.

£10 pays for 18 copies of The Vegan magazine to be printed - just think of how many people you'll be stimulating!

£15 pays for us to provide advocacy advice for a vegan in trouble, such as requiring vegan food in hospitals and prisons

£25 pays for 85 copies of our DVD Making The Connection to be produced.

£50 pays for education resources for Key Stages 3 & 4 - just think of all those little faces eagerly learning about veganism!

£100 pays for attending a Westminster event to influence policy - powerful stuff, hey?

£150 pays for a small grant to a local vegan outreach initiative - you'll be empowering a community in the UK to engage local people to think about veganism.

£250 pays for the production of a short film like Climate Change and Meat Consumption: What's the Link?

£500 will pay for our events team to engage with thousands of people face-to-face, promoting the vegan message. 

£1,000 almost fully pays for trade event stall to promote the Vegan Trademark - a superb thing to smile about, knowing you've helped us engage with businesses who can turn their products vegan to be able to register with us.

£3000 pays for the production of a widely shared animation such as Do You Want To Make History? that helps us create more vegans.

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Gift Aid

How to make every penny count with Gift Aid. (Read more)

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Give as you Live does exactly what it says on the tin; giving while going about everyday online shopping....(Read more)