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Why is zinc important?

Our bodies use zinc for lots of different functions. This nutrient is used for fighting infections, speeding up chemical reactions and helping our immune system function. 

A zinc deficiency could lead to hair loss, more infections and poor wound healing. 

This is a B12 infographic

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How much zinc do you need?

In the UK, the recommended daily zinc intake for adults is 7 mg for women and 9.5 mg for men.1.These recommendations assume that zinc losses are higher in men after considering losses via skin, hair, semen and menstruation. 

How can you get enough zinc?

Zinc supplements are available, however it is possible to get all the zinc you need from eating a varied and balanced vegan diet. Vegan sources of zinc include beans, wholemeal bread and lentils. 

The infographic above shows examples of vegan foods high in zinc. Most of these foods also provide protein and iron.2,3

Wholemeal bread is a useful source of zinc because leavening increases the body’s ability to absorb zinc.4 Sprouting beans, chickpeas and lentils may also help.5 Food Standards Agency advise to follow safe food hygiene practices when sprouting at home to avoid contaminated seeds that can lead to foodborne illnesses. 

Zinc tip to take away

Ensure that you make zinc-rich choices throughout the day. 

Further information

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These are general guidelines about nutrition. If you have concerns about your diet, please talk to your doctor about seeing a dietitian. Discussing the use of supplements with a health professional will help to ensure that they are suitable for you.

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