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It is especially important for people with allergies to understand food labelling.

Companies have to highlight certain allergens on food labels, including the following animal allergens: shellfish, fish, milk, eggs and molluscs. If a risk assessment determines that a product may contain a major allergen, the label carries a warning.

Even if you have bought a product before, it is recommended that you check the label in case there have been any changes.

Information for people with food allergies

It is important to be clued up about the differences between vegan standards and allergy or ‘free-from’ standards. The Vegan Society does not claim that products registered with the Vegan Trademark are suitable for people with allergies to animal products; this depends on the standards achieved by individual manufacturers.

The licence agreement asks companies to confirm that they strive to minimise cross-contamination from animal products as far as is reasonably practicable. Therefore, vegan products may carry warnings about animal allergens.You can read more in our blog about vegan vs allergen labelling.

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