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A healthy diet for all the family

Well-planned vegan diets can support healthy lifestyles at every age, from babies and children through to teenagers, adults and on into later years. Look in our nutrition and health section for tips on healthy vegan diets for all stages of life, and check out our guides (written by registered dietitians) for pregnancy, babies and children. If you're looking into family planning options, did you know that latex condoms may contain the milk protein casein? Some also contain milk powder but you can feel safe knowing that our Trademarked condoms are vegan!

The best start for your children

During pregnancy and breastfeeding your body has different nutritional requirements. Often at this time people think more carefully about the food they eat and whether their diet is as healthy as it could be for the whole family. Plant foods are naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants, high in fibre and low in saturated fat: great sources of nutrients for everyone.

Raising a vegan baby

It may be that some of your friends and family are not familiar with the benefits of a vegan diet. Rest assured that raising children on a well-planned vegan diet is supported by human rights and equality laws, and the British Dietetic Association recognises that vegan nutrition can support healthy living at every age and life-stage. Check out tips on feeding your child healthy vegan food, as well as our blog on handling difficult questions during vegan pregnancies.

Explaining veganism to little ones

Children are naturally curious. Honest answers are almost always best, but be gentle. If your child is too young to take it all in just yet, try adapting your language to their level of sensitivity and understanding. Focus on positive messages, like how much you as a family love animals. Steer away from half-truths or deliberate misinformation if possible. In time, your child will make the connection between living beings and the meat they see on supermarket shelves. With the right knowledge and support, your child can be a healthy and confident vegan regardless of life's challenges. 

Vegans at school

Read our article on veganism at school for additional guidance. We also have a helpful blog on how to get vegan food on your child's school menu

What to do if your child is invited to a party

Get in touch with the party organiser to find out what food will be served. There are widely available vegan versions of most typical party foods and you could offer to bring along some of these for your child. Providing your child with a delicious vegan cupcake when other children are enjoying non-vegan birthday cake is a good way of ensuring they don’t feel left out - you could even bring vegan cupcakes for everyone to try. If party / loot bags are the norm where you are, it's worth bringing a packet of vegan sweets or a small toy in case you need to make a substitution. Vegan-friendly celebration treats and recipes are becoming easier to find both in shops and online.

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