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The award-winning Vegan Society magazine The Vegan is a quarterly publication sent directly to members. Join us today to receive your copy. Whether you have been following a vegan lifestyle for a long time, or you are just vegan curious – The Vegan is the ultimate resource to support you through your vegan journey. Each magazine is beautifully designed and includes features, interviews, vegan recipes, product reviews, updates on our work and much more.

Variety of The Vegan coversWant to get your hands on a copy?

One of the many membership benefits is a free exclusive copy of The Vegan. You can choose from a printed version or an e-copy. The physical magazine is produced by Seacourt, the leading environmentally-friendly print company. There is a net positive impact on carbon emissions for every magazine printed.

Inside recent issues

Recent editions of The Vegan have included...

  • Features on veganism in the punk scene, how to take up foraging and the rise of veganism on Tik Tok.
  • Interviews with superstar chef Omari McQueen, documentary maker Rebecca Cappelli and athlete Bryony Miles.
  • Recipe features packed with vegan meal ideas from Easy Speedy Vegan, Broke Vegan, Afro Vegan and Veganistan.
  • Research pieces on veganism and wellbeing, the history of The Vegan Society and a report on the future of food and farming.
  • Nutrition articles written by our in-house dietitians on how to get the most from your vegan diet, covering topics from fibre, menopause, leafy greens and raising vegan children – all with an accompanying bespoke recipe.
  • The latest on Vegan Society campaigns, events, news and more.
  • Expert-written Deep Dive features on lab-grown meat, the number of vegans in the UK and veganism and language.
  • Reviews of documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction, Michelin-Star restaurant Land, book Vegan Propaganda and Johnny Marr's album Fever Dreams.

                                      Vegan chef Omari McQueen was interviewed in a recent edition of The Vegan magazine. Image by Haarala

(Vegan chef Omari McQueen was interviewed in a recent edition of The Vegan magazine. Image by Haarala). 


  • Updates on the latest products to be registered with the Vegan Trademark including delicious food and drink, beauty cosmetics and household items, clothing and more.
  • The latest information for members including the newest discounts.
  • A letters page featuring correspondence from our membership – and the chance to win a fantastic Star Letter prize in each issue!
  • A variety of features covering different vegan lifestyle topics, such as vegan travel
  • ...and much more.

Read a snippet...

In a recent article in The Vegan, gardener Danielle James shared her love of growing, as well as her top tips for beginners to produce sustainable vegan food at home.

    Gardener Danielle James wrote an article for a recent edition of The Vegan magazine. Image by Nat Aubry.(Gardener Danielle James wrote an article for a recent edition of The Vegan magazine. Image by Nat Aubry). 

Since the Victorians started importing exotic plants into the country, gardening has been incredibly popular. But still, most gardeners can’t place how working with plants isn’t necessarily vegan. Tell someone that you’re a vegan gardener and you’ll probably receive a slightly bemused expression in return.  

So what is ‘veganic gardening’? It is the use of vegan and organic methods within our green space. Being vegan denotes that we strive to cause no harm. In a gardening context this means no use of animal waste to ‘fertilise’ our land; no chemical weedkillers and definitely no killing of garden ‘pests’. 

The Vegan Organic Network explains that veganic food is “Grown in an organic way with only plant-based fertilisers, encouraging functional biodiversity so pesticides are not necessary. No [harmful] chemicals, no GMO and no animal by-products are in any part of the chain.” And you know what? I think this all sounds pretty good! 

Green beginnings 

As a child in the 1980s I remember following my grandparents around garden centres in Hertfordshire and London. At that age, I mainly enjoyed the ride in the trolley and getting my dungarees dirty – although I must say that I have totally re-embraced the dungaree look as an adult! My family have always been keen gardeners and when I look back now, the one smell from my childhood that stays with me is that of tomato leaves after watering.  

After university I discovered a love of cooking and, in turn, wanted to know where my ingredients came from. In 2014 I went vegan overnight and my love of gardening continued to grow. During my first year of veganism, I learned about the horrors contained within our food chain. My lifestyle completely changed, and I soon made connections between this and my passion for gardening. Flash forward to 2021, and my fiancé Jon and I have had an allotment for six years. We have a small microgreen and mushroom business, and I’m retraining in horticulture. Our market garden dream is starting to look like a reality. 

Read the full article to find out more about Danielle's top tips for veganic gardening.


If you are a vegan writer, journalist, or recipe developer and you would like to contribute to The Vegan, we would love to hear from you! Please email us with your pitch and some relevant examples of your work. We pay for commissions, with fees starting at £250 for articles and £150 for reviews. We are also on the lookout for photographers and illustrators – please send us your portfolio to be considered for future work.

If you are a member who would like to share your thoughts on the magazine or any vegan topic, we welcome your feedback. If we publish your comments, you are in for a chance to win the Star Letter prize – a gift donated by one of our fantastic Trademark holders.

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