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First and foremost – if you’re not vegan, why not start your plant-based journey?

Dip your toe in by giving some of our recipes a go. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can download our free app VeGuide or sign up to our 30-Day Vegan Pledge and eat vegan for a month.

Share the word

We want to share the word about the power of plants to improve our physical and mental health. Get involved online by using #veganandthriving on your plant-based recipe pics.

If you are vegan, add #veganandthriving to your selfies and help us to celebrate the diversity and vitality of the vegan community.

Here are some ideas for tweets to get you started.

This month I’m trying out a vegan diet – for the good of my health, the animals and the planet. Find out how you can join me at #veganandthriving  

I’ve been #veganandthriving since [YEAR!] If you’d like to live a healthy, sustainable and compassionate life visit to start your plant-based adventure  

Visit to learn how to get the most from a plant-based diet, to find plenty of healthy vegan recipes and much more #veganandthriving   

You can get everything you need to live a healthy and happy life from a vegan diet. Visit to find out how to get the most from plants #veganandthriving  

Share your story

Has a vegan diet helped you to feel your best? Perhaps you are better managing an existing health condition, or have met a personal or athletic goal since becoming vegan. Share your story online using #veganandthriving or email us at campaigns[at]vegansociety[dot]com.

We’re interested in hearing from a diverse range of vegans who feel that a plant-based diet positively impacts their health, whether that be physical or mental. We know that health doesn’t look a certain way, so we would like everyone to get involved no matter age, ability or size.

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