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Our work

The Vegan Society’s International Rights Network is a group of individuals who share the same goal of gaining international legal recognition of veganism. It works to raise awareness of the legal recognition of veganism and how vegans can be accommodated under the terms of international and European rights and equality legislation.

Founded in 2012 as the International Vegan Rights Alliance by Dr Jeanette Rowley, in 2019 the IVRA was incorporated into the work of The Vegan Society where it became known as the International Rights Network.

The network remains the foundational and leading authority on the subject of veganism and law, and works to encourage the growth of a group that can advocate for animals in a new way. This knowledge base is enhanced by network members from around the world, who have unique and specialist knowledge of the relationship of veganism to law in their respective countries.

Under international law vegans are entitled to a social order that respects their right to live according to the ethical conviction that it is morally wrong to appropriate, abuse and exploit nonhuman animals.

Why vegan rights?

For those who follow a vegan lifestyle, veganism is a moral and philosophical belief that should be accommodated in our day-to-day lives. But unfortunately, we know that often this does not happen.

Claiming our rights in law not only means vegans are able to live a life more closely aligned to their values, but it also helps to bring about the policies and practices that support the widespread transition to veganism, and change the conversation around our attitudes towards and treatment of other animals.

Who’s involved

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