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Louise Johansen, Vegan Society International Rights Network

Louise Johansen is a sociologist and works as Head of Programmes at The Vegetarian Society of Denmark (DVF). The Vegetarian Society of Denmark was founded by doctors in 1896. Louise has been engaged in the work to promote a plant-based option in all public kitchens inspired by the Portuguese Vegetarian Association since 2019. However, a mandatory plant-based option has not yet been adopted. 

Therefore, on the grounds of discrimination against vegetarians and vegans in hospitals, kindergartens, and other public institutions, DVF has, on behalf of two vegan families, taken two cases (one case in a kindergarten and one case in a hospital) to court. The first verdict came on February the 8th, 2024. In this case, the court ruled that vegans are protected under Article 9 of the European Court of Human Rights. You can read more about the verdict here.

The second court case will be heard in April 2024.

Email: louisejohansen[at]vegetarisk[dot]dk

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