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» Help us change these discriminatory initiatives

We have created some template letters that you can send to your political representatives, or the organisations promoting the discriminatory initiatives, asking them to include fortified plant milks. 

Our template letters for the various schemes/initiatives are available to download below:

You can contact your MP, MEP and other political representatives through the website:

Department of Health & Social Care contact details: online contact form

EU AGRI Committee contact details: agri-secretariat[at]ep.europa[dot]eu

EU Commission contact: President von der Leyen - ec-president-vdl[at]ec.europa[dot]eu or bjoern.seibert[at]ec.europa[dot]eu

Department of Education contact details: online contact form - Address: Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries Unit, Department of Health and Social Care, 39 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0EU

UN FAO contact details: Email: FAO-HQ[at]fao[dot]org - Address: Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153 Rome, Italy 


Please use the campaign #PlayFairWithPlantMilk when sharing the campaign on Twitter. 

Here are some suggested tweets you can use:

  • It’s time that fortified plant milk was supported in nutritional public health initiatives for children. #PlayFairWithPlantMilk
  • Help us get fortified plant milk recognised in government schemes to improve children's nutrition by writing to your representatives. #PlayFairWithPlantMilk
  • Vegan children are missing out and need your help. #PlayFairWithPlantMilk
  • Currently, fortified plant milks are not promoted or supported in various government schemes. With your help we can change this. #PlayFairWithPlantMilk 
  • We want to see fortified plant milk recognised on par with animal milk, wherever animal milk is currently supported or promoted. #PlayFairWithPlantMilk 
  • It’s time the government #PlayFairWithPlantMilk and support it in nutritional public health initiatives for children.
  • Veganism is booming with 1 in 3 people regularly buying plant milk. Let's see government public health schemes for children's nutrition reflect this #PlayFairWithPlantMilk 
  • Vegan children are still being discriminated against in schools through the lack of access and support given to fortified plant milks. #PlayFairWithPlantMilk
  • Let’s help vegan kids #PlayFairWithPlantMilk by calling for support for fortified plant milk in nutritional public health initiatives for children.
  • 22 August is #WorldPlantMilkDay! Fortified plant milks offer similar nutrition to animal milks, yet are not included in various government nutritional public health schemes for children. Help us change this with our #PlayFairWithPlantMilk campaign
  • 25 September is #WorldSchoolMilkDay. Fortified plant milks are increasingly popular and provide similar nutritional content to animal milk. Despite this, they are overlooked as an alternative to animal milk in various government nutritional public health schemes or children #PlayFairWithPlantMilk
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