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Welcome to our blog section, a place for debating and discussing all things vegan. Are you a vegan who has a topic relating to veganism that you cannot wait to get off your chest? Read our Blog Submission and Style Guidelines and submit your blog using our online form.

The views expressed by our bloggers are not necessarily the views of The Vegan Society.

person standing in an allotment
Friday, 12 August, 2022

A reminder of my father’s farm in India

A reminder of my father’s farm in India

I’m Punjabi and have grown up spending lots...(Read more)

Lifting a chickpea ‘branch’ to show how the pods form like raindrops along it, with only one to three peas per pod. 
Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Permaculture and the joy of growing chickpeas

AC Baker tells us more about the joy of growing chickpeas on an allotment. (Read more)

close up of chicken
Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

Allotment Companions

Find out how rescue chickens can make the perfect allotment companions.(Read more)

alleyway allotment with community growers
Tuesday, 9 August, 2022

A Story of Urban Community Growing

From small beginnings - A story of urban community growing(Read more)

Monday, 8 August, 2022

Top Tips for Veganic Growing

Our Community Network Coordinator Rich Hardy gives his Top Tips for Veganic Growing. (Read more)

reusable jars in a row
Friday, 5 August, 2022

Zero-waste swaps

Cat Thompson unpacks our single-use culture and asks how we can reduce our dependence on throw-away plastic (Read more)

Friday, 29 July, 2022

Plastic free cosmetics to try in 2022

If you’re looking to reduce your plastic consumption, cosmetics are a great place to start – and with...(Read more)

Danielle James with chicken
Wednesday, 27 July, 2022

Veganic Gardening with Danielle James

Danielle James from The Vegan Veg Gardeners shares her top tips for beginners. (Read more)

Alexis Hillyard from Stump Kitchen
Thursday, 21 July, 2022

Stump Kitchen: Interview with Alexis Hillyard

Elena Orde speaks to Alexis Hillyard from YouTube channel Stump Kitchen about vegan and gluten-free cooking, body diversity and accessibility. ...(Read more)

Thursday, 14 July, 2022

Young activism: Interview with Lotus Kay

Lotus Kay on animal rights, kindness and why we should listen to young activists. (Read more)

mage of the author of the blog, Naja Raya.
Wednesday, 13 July, 2022

Sacrifice: My two cents on Eid el-Adha as a vegan Muslim

Eid el-Adha marks the first day of a religious celebration that millions of Muslims around the globe engage in....(Read more)

Happy Pride Month
Thursday, 30 June, 2022

The relationship between Pride and veganism

Do vegans outside of the LGBTQIA+ community owe allyship to people within the community? In short: of course they do, and...(Read more)

Our guide to vegan fish alternatives
Wednesday, 29 June, 2022

Our Guide to Vegan Fish Alternatives

Choose a kinder way to enjoy the taste and textures of fish or seafood with these vegan fish alternatives...(Read more)

Tuesday, 28 June, 2022

Your favourite comfort foods as BURGERS

Gal Shomron shares three different burgers based on some of your favourite comfort foods.(Read more)

Prepared vegetables in bowls
Monday, 27 June, 2022

Food waste hacks

We’ve asked our staff, supporters and followers to share their top tips for avoiding food waste. Take a look and...(Read more)

Dried beans on wooden spoons
Monday, 27 June, 2022

Cheap vegan staples

If you want to keep an eye on your budget when you head out for a plant-based shop there...(Read more)

Wednesday, 22 June, 2022

Travel Guide to experience vegan Spanish Tapas this summer

Travel to Spain as a vegan and get to experience the culture through food, with these vegan Spanish tapas...(Read more)

two orange pots of VEG 1 against a yellow background with orange slices and drips of water
Tuesday, 7 June, 2022

VEG 1 is celebrating one year plastic-free 

As some of you may remember, in June 2021 we re-launched our VEG 1 multivitamin with plastic-free packaging. Since...(Read more)

Text on image reads "Happy Pride Month"
Wednesday, 1 June, 2022

Pride 2022: LGBTQIA+ Vegan

As part of Pride Month, we are celebrating vegan members of the LGBTQIA+ community.(Read more)

Vegan barbeque food on a green background. Text to the left reads "Vegan Barbeques" underneath the Vegan Trademark.
Tuesday, 31 May, 2022

Our Summer 2022 Guide to a Vegan Barbeque

Enjoy a vegan BBQ easier than ever with an abundance of Vegan Trademark Certified options in the...(Read more)


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