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Welcome to our blog section, a place for debating and discussing all things vegan. Are you a vegan who has a topic relating to veganism that you cannot wait to get off your chest? Read our Blog Submission and Style Guidelines and submit your blog using our online form.

The views expressed by our bloggers are not necessarily the views of The Vegan Society.

Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

A call for action: addressing racism towards Asians in the vegan activist movement

Researcher Network member, Leah Chan, responds to racism within the vegan community that she has witnessed and experienced, to...(Read more)

Hands holding a seedling in front of sky
Thursday, 19 November, 2020

Our response to the government’s ten-point plan

While any moves taken by government to combat the climate crisis are welcome, it’s disappointing that food and farming...(Read more)

Monday, 9 November, 2020

Vegan Gift Guide 2020

Whether you’re vegan, gifting a vegan or just want some present ideas, we have a fantastic round-up to inspire...(Read more)

Friday, 30 October, 2020

Supporting vegans in crisis

Here are some suggestions on how you may be able to help those most in need.(Read more)

Friday, 16 October, 2020

The Vegan Society launches a Youth Membership category

We are excited to announce our Youth Membership category!(Read more)

A variety of veg shaped in a heart
Thursday, 15 October, 2020

Let’s talk about cholesterol and vegan diets

Our Dietitian Heather gives you the lowdown on vegan diets and cholesterol for National Cholesterol Month.(Read more)

Tuesday, 13 October, 2020

30 years of putting vegan on the menu

When it comes to food, it’s easier to recognise which products are suitable for vegans – or is it?...(Read more)

Lady on a phone in a highstreet
Thursday, 1 October, 2020

Introducing our Teen Hub

We’ve been working behind the scenes to create some new resources to support vegan and vegan-curious teens(Read more)

30 Years Fashion Banner
Friday, 25 September, 2020

30 years of making vegan fashionable with the Vegan Trademark

With animal-free fashion thriving in recent years, it’s apparent that vegan is the new black! But what makes a...(Read more)

Tuesday, 8 September, 2020

Introducing the Future Normal

The Vegan Society’s biggest ever campaign has launched! Find out all about it here.(Read more)

Monday, 7 September, 2020

7 African dishes that would tickle your taste buds 

Nena Ubani (a.k.a Duchess Nena) shares seven delicious African vegan recipes.(Read more)

Friday, 28 August, 2020

System change for veganism

Here we outline our approach to campaigns and explain some of the impact we’ve had over recent years....(Read more)

Bush with C02 cut out
Monday, 24 August, 2020

Flight free and vegan

Anna Hughes discusses the importance of taking action for the environment through our diets and our travel choices.(Read more)

Friday, 21 August, 2020

30 years of quenching vegans’ thirst

This year, we raise a toast to quenching vegans’ thirst with 30 years of the Vegan Trademark!(Read more)

Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Raise your vegan baking game with these alternatives!

We're here to help with some game changing vegan alternatives that will make animal-free baking a doddle!(Read more)

deer in a garden
Thursday, 23 July, 2020

4 Tips for Humanely Keeping Animals Out of Your Garden

Rachael Baihn lists 4 top ways of keeping unwanted visitors from getting at your home-grown fruit and veg.(Read more)

Tuesday, 14 July, 2020

30 years of making vegan beautiful

This year, we’re celebrating 30 years of making vegan beautiful with the Vegan Trademark!(Read more)

Vegan sexual health and wellness Into The Wylde
Monday, 29 June, 2020

Sexual health and wellness – keeping it vegan

We’re here to show you that passion can be compassionate if you switch to intimacy products registered with the...(Read more)

Tuesday, 16 June, 2020

30 years of bunny friendly body care 

We’ve been ensuring your body care is suitable for vegans since 1990 when The Vegan Society first launched the...(Read more)

Friday, 12 June, 2020

The Vegan Society launches new podcast – The Vegan Pod!

After much anticipation, we are excited to introduce our new podcast this summer 2020 – look out for The...(Read more)


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