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» Three ways to level up your morning routine

We’re sharing three easy tips for levelling up your morning routine, all approved by our in-house dietitian Andrea

VEG 1 bottle on deskUnless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure you would have seen the explosion of people sharing their morning routines on social media. There is something so captivating about seeing how people start their day because, let’s be honest, it can be a really tricky thing to get right. We all know that starting the day off right can set us up for a happier and more productive day, but what should we actually be including in our morning routines to set ourselves up for success?

We’re sharing three easy tips for levelling up your morning routine, all approved by our in-house Dietitian Andrea Rymer.

1. Incorporate at least one of your five-a-day at breakfast time.

Fruit and veg are packed full of nutrients that give us energy, support our immune system and help with hydration. If you want to hit your five-a-day, you should be incorporating fruits and veggies into every meal, including breakfast. This doesn’t mean just eating an apple or banana alongside your breakfast cereal. Instead, get creative and try fruit and veg-packed smoothies, porridge topped with berries, or avocado and hummus on toast. Or for ease, just add some dried fruit to your current breakfast!

2. Remember to supplement those nutrients deserving attention.

To feel your best, you want to ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need. A fool-proof way to do this is by taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement. Taking this at breakfast helps to cement it as part of your routine to ensure you don’t forget. Taking your vitamins with a meal can also aid in the absorption of nutrients. For vegans, there are a few nutrients in particular that require special attention, and that is why we developed our VEG 1 multivitamin. VEG 1 contains all of the nutrients that The Vegan Society recommend supplementing. That is, vitamin B12, vitamin D, iodine and selenium. To find out why these nutrients are important, check out our nutrition resources.

VEG 1 is a chewable daily multivitamin containing the nutrients mentioned above. Shop now on our webshop, Etsy or eBay.

3. Ensure your breakfast includes a source of plant protein.

Although as vegans we are fed up of hearing the phrase ‘but where do you get your protein?!’, it is important, particularly at breakfast time. Incorporating a quality source of protein in each meal including breakfast not only supports muscle, bone and immune health, but can help to keep you satiated for longer, giving you more energy to go about your day. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to chug back a vegan protein shake. There are plenty of protein-packed vegan breakfasts to try, such as porridge oats made with soya milk topped with pumpkin seeds, scrambled tofu on toast, chia pudding and the classic beans on toast (add some nutritional yeast for a nutritious boost).  We have plenty of recipes available here

So, what do you think? We hope that you try the above tips to upgrade your morning routine, whenever that may be, to keep you feeling your best all day long.

Written by Bethany Dandy, Business Development and Marketing Officer.

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