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Want to help create a more vegan world?

Please support The Vegan Society by setting up a regular donation which will help us to continue to campaign for veganism to reduce animal suffering, sustain our planet and advocate for a healthier way to live. By setting up a regular donation, you will ensure that we can continue to campaign for veganism and to reduce animal suffering.

You can make a one-off donation or set up a regular donation via the donation form on our website.

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You can also donate by sending a cheque to our Head Office or by contacting our Fundraising Team at fundraising[at]vegansociety[dot]com.

Your donations help us maintain and improve our Vegan Pledge, go towards creating inspiring campaigns that make veganism more accessible, and fund our advocacy work and services that help vulnerable vegans who find themselves in difficult situations. Our campaigning and policy work is instrumental in increasing the availability of vegan options and vegan products so that more people are free to choose meat-free alternatives when eating out.

Without your support, we would not be able to continue to inspire and empower people with sound nutrition advice and nutritious vegan recipes to fuel their plant-based diet and food choices.

Your donations will help us to move one step closer to a world that treats all forms of life with compassion, leading to a more sustainable world for both animals and people.

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Donate Today

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Gift Aid

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Leaving A Gift In Your Will

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Giving in Loving Memory

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Contact our Fundraising Team

If you would like to get in contact with our Fundraising Team, or are interested in having a conversation about how you can be more involved in our work, please feel free to reach out by emailing fundraising[at]vegansociety[dot]com or call 0121 507 9987.

Head Office address for any postal enquiries:

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