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Looking for a fun, easy way to raise funds for us? 

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Here at The Vegan Society, we love a bit of good old-fashioned fun. Whatever you get up to in aid of us, make sure you post photos on our Facebook page or email them to us as we'd love to know what vegan-themed capers you've been up to and you may even get a shoutout on Facebook or across our social media! We absolutely love highlighting fundraising events that help raise money and awareness for a kinder world. A Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving fundraising page is another great way to co-ordinate your fundraising activities and an easy way to ensure that the vital funds you raise go directly to us without any extra admin. Your friends and family can show their support via the page, and you can update them on your progress, thoughts, and ideas using the site's many features.

We're bursting with ideas to help you have fun, while helping us raise vital funds. Win-win situation? We'd say so!

If collecting donations in person for your organised event, you can also donate the amount raised directly to us via the donations form on our website (just be sure to leave a note to let us know about your fundraiser so that we can thank you).

Find out other ways you can donate to us. Read on for a list of vegan fundraising ideas to help inspire your next event!

Charity fundraiser ideas

Donate a day's wage and ask your employer to match your donation. It'll make your day's work twice as worthwhile, and you feel doubly good in raising funds.

If you love the idea above, speak with your HR team to find out how employees can give via the monthly payroll. The society is signed up to CAF Give As You Earn which is where you can direct your place of work to learn about the benefits of payroll giving and have them join via an online application. Another great platform is Benevity Payroll Giving. Bonus: some employers will match what you give up to a certain amount.

Hold a vegan movie night with popcorn and snacks. Encourage people to purchase tickets to raise extra funds: a good movie is something everyone loves. You could screen a vegan-themed film like Vegucated or Dominion in order to raise awareness and to remind people why you are raising funds in the first place!

Bring people together for a fun evening of friendly competition to eat, drink and play their favourite games whether at home, your local pub or even a beloved vegan restaurant. If you are offering prizes for winners, ask local businesses to donate these as gifts to help support your cause. If you host the evening in a pub or restaurant, ask for a matched donation of the funds raised or a proportion of the takings in exchange for advertising the event and bringing in the crowds.

Everybody loves a good quiz! Following on from the idea above, host a quiz night at a local pub and sell tickets in advance - or collect money at the door. To raise the stakes, you can even try to get a local business to donate a special prize for the winner or provide sponsorship money for your charity fundraising event.

Offer your friends and family vegan manicures, facials and pedicures, all in their own home for a fee. Freshly polished nails are a real treat, and there are so many great vegan brands out there to make your nails sparkle and shine. 

Host an all-vegan BBQ in the summer. Whether in our own back garden or at a local park it is sure to go down a real treat; charge a ‘buffet price’ and have fun in the sun enjoying tasty vegan delights. If you need inspiration, check out some of our drool-worthy recipes on the website. You could even offer a vegan ice cream bar if you're feeling extra generous and your guests need cooling down.

As the weather gets a bit colder, we often crave a bit of home comfort and good company. Why not arrange a cheeky vegan wine and cheese night and explore some new brands! Do a bit of research to create an amazing vegan cheese board and pair with vegan wine. Get your friends together and let the good times as well as donations roll!

Dress green and do good vegan deeds throughout the day. Have an all-vegan lunch, vegan tea break, swap non-vegan items such as handwash and toiletries for ethical ones. It’s a fun way to educate people and they’ll likely enjoy the changes. Remember to be sponsored for all the activities you carry out.

Encourage all who attend to celebrate sustainable fashion by bringing items along that they no longer need or wear and swap them for new additions they will love. Ask for all donations from the fundraiser to be made in support of the society and a kinder world.

Hold your own vegan pancake race and challenge your friends and family. Make sure you make extra pancake batter though, as we're sure your pancake runners will require immediate refueling.

Show your friends, family, and local community how tasty vegan sweet treats can be, any money raised can then be sent to the charity.

Do you grow a tonne of veg? For those with green fingers, sell your produce at a plant sale, and share those green tips and tricks while you're at it.

Here's one for the smallest vegans. Organise a teddy bears’ vegan picnic and invite friends and family too. Your children will love it and it’s a great way to show your family and friends how tasty vegan food is. Any extra activities like face painting, fancy dress, or a treasure hunt would entice little ones and may raise additional funds. Charge entry fees for people to come along and join in the festivities.

Get together with friends and prepare different vegan dishes from around the world. Ask them to donate at the door - and if they feel you've been a good host, ask them to tip you on their way out.

Need a hand?

Get in touch with our friendly Fundraising Team at [email protected] or give them a call on 0121 507 9987 to learn how you can order resources like leaflets to share with guests at your fundraising event. It can sometimes help people to see who the society is and what we are all about - which will only go on to help create conversations around the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and fund a kinder world.

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