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About the International Rights Network

What are our aims and objectives, and who is involved in the work we do(Read More)

International Rights Network Blog

Articles on a range of veganism and rights-related topics, contributed by our expert members(Read More)

What rights do vegans have?

Learn about current legal provision for vegans in International, European and UK law(Read More)

Veganism in the workplace

Veganism is protected under the 2010 Equality Act. Find out more about what this means for vegans in the workplace....(Read More)

Currently experiencing problems?

The Vegan Society is here to help you exercise your right to live a compassionate lifestyle(Read More)

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International Rights Conference 2022

Find out more about The BIG Veganism in Education Conference taking place on Saturday 1st October. (Read More)


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There is no established body of vegan law but the individuals in the legal network endeavour to apply legal principles and existing law to veganism in order to develop a body of knowledge that is useful to advance veganism. The broader opinions, views and campaign strategies of individuals in the legal network do not necessarily reflect the core mission of The Vegan Society and The Vegan Society does not necessarily support or condone statements made by individual in the network or the strategies and policies they may promote.

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