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Cost comparison research findings

Many people still believe that vegan foods are more expensive than non-vegan foods. To counter this claim, we’ve conducted our own research* to highlight how nutritious plant proteins are in fact some of the most affordable sources of protein on the market.

Product Average cost per portion
Baked beans 9p
Dried split red lentils 11p
Peanut butter 14p
Frozen chicken portions 14p
Cashews 18p
Fresh chicken thighs 19p
Tinned chickpeas 23p
Kidney beans 24p
Eggs 25p
Frozen chicken breast fillets 32p
Firm tofu 45p
Lean steak mince 50p
Lean beef mince 56p
Canned tuna 69p
White fish fillets £1.19
Salmon £1.98

*Research has been conducted by calculating average price per portion, across 8 major supermarket retailers in the UK. Price data is correct, as of April 2020. Full methodology available here.

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