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Formally launching over the summer of 2019, the Community Network will be open to anyone across the country who wants to engage with our outreach and campaigning work. You can read more about the network below, keep an eye out for news on when applications will open. 

At The Vegan Society, we believe that there is strength in unity, with 100 voices calling in unison creating enough noise to evoke real and lasting change. This is what the Community Network is about. It is made up of people who care about veganism, and our mission statement – to make it easier for more people to go vegan and stay vegan. We believe a veganism that is well supported by the right legislation, the right options, and the right agricultural systems is the most accessible. If you agree with us, then the Community Network is for you. 

Our actions span the landscape of outreach and campaigning, varying from speaking to people who’ve never heard the word “vegan” before to lobbying your local representative to bring about the right legislation to protect veganism, forever. We believe that well planned and meaningful actions, combined, can speed us along the way to a truly vegan-friendly (and one day vegan) world. 

We work on personal, institutional, and legislative campaigns, meaning there’s plenty for you to get involved with. Influencing people often starts with introducing concepts and answering questions about a living a vegan life, and we do that with outreach stalls in a huge variety of arenas. Institutionally, we do work such as encouraging high street shops to provide more vegan options through our Vegan on the Go campaign. In terms of legislation, we do a lot of work with MPs and other policy makers to influence laws that will make it easier to go vegan, and stay vegan, forever. One example is our recent Catering for Everyone campaign, which is calling for healthy vegan options on every public sector menu, every day.

It is our belief that doing a range of actions in a range of ways will bring about the long term, sustainable change that we need to create a world where everyone is vegan, animals are free, and the planet can thrive for generations to come. If you believe this too, then our Community Network is for you. 

There are two ways you can get involved with our network, through organising, and advocating. Organisers work directly with staff to plan local actions throughout the year, with advocates coming along and supporting those actions to get the best outcomes we can. You can read full role descriptions below.