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Vegan-Inclusive Education Resources

Please read our guide: Supporting Veganism in Education: A Guide for Educators to find more information on how to accommodate the needs of vegans in education. It explains what veganism is and how veganism is protected under human rights law and the Equality Act 2010. You will also find practical guidance on how to be vegan-inclusive and how to support vegan learners and staff.

What is Vegan-Inclusive Education?

Dive into the world of Vegan Inclusive Education with a new and informative video crafted by the passionate minds of the Vegan Society's Education Network and their brilliant children! 

Unveiling an eye-opening exploration of all facets of education, this video is a must-watch for educators, parents, and anyone curious about fostering a more compassionate and inclusive learning environment.


Below you will find a variety of downloadable template letters that were created collaboratively by The Vegan Society's Education Network. We encourage you to use these template letters in assisting your ask for vegan-inclusive practice. Feel free to dowload them as often as you like and then edit to make them personal to your situation.

These letters will be updated and added to periodically.

Medium Term Plans for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

This booklet contains several vegan-inclusive topic plans for primary school aged learners. They are animal centered, yet vegan-friendly, as they are based on observing non-human animals in their natural habitats. These vegan-inclusive topic plans show how other animals can still feature in your curriculum as a muse to teach key skills but are written in a way that is respectful to other animals and their habitats.

Download The Vegan Society's medium term primary curriculum planning booklet here

How to be vegan-inclusive in your everyday practice: your go-to handy booklet

Tailored for busy educators, this booklet offers practical tips and resources to seamlessly integrate vegan-inclusive practices, fostering an inclusive and compassionate educational environment for all.

Download The Vegan Society's vegan-inclusive practice booklet here

Vivi the Supervegan Teacher Resource Pack

Discover the Vivi the Supervegan, KS1, Year 1 Teacher’s Resource Pack, a resource crafted specifically for Year 1 educators who wish to use Vivi the Supervegan as a muse to teach key skills through.

Vivi the Supervegan graphic

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