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Vegan student Fiji with a bird on her shoulder

A vegan college student has won a case against her college following support from The Vegan Society (Read More)

Future Normal Day Logo in red

The Vegan Society has created the first official Future Normal Day (9 April).... (Read More)

Police car sign

A new piece of legislation, known as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, could see major changes to... (Read More)

Bowl of food with LiberEat writing and Vegan Trademark Logo

The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark announces new partnership with LiberEat app. (Read More)

New data shows the prominence of and trust for The Vegan Society has hit an all-time high, in spite... (Read More)

Chef Akila holding a cup of tea

A 76-year-old grandmother has handed out more than 2,200 free vegan ready meals to frontline NHS workers, the elderly... (Read More)

Hands holding a plant in front of world map

A huge number of Scots say they’d happily get behind plans and policies that actively encourage people to cut... (Read More)

Little Peppa Pig was days away from being killed by shotgun when she was rescued by volunteers from Pear... (Read More)

32% of Brits believe the government should be promoting vegan and plant-based diets to address the current climate emergency. (Read More)

21 NGOs sign letter to EU on dairy ban

The Vegan Society has joined a coalition objecting to plans by the EU that could make it illegal for... (Read More)

Play Fair With Plant Milk Campaign

The Scottish Government has agreed to include plant-based milk alternatives on a government-funded nursery and early learning milk scheme.... (Read More)

The Vegan Society has today (4th Feb) made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) as it strongly believes... (Read More)

97% of those trying veganism in January inspired by someone else

The majority (97%) of those turning vegan for January, say they were inspired by someone else to take on... (Read More)

Charities against hate banner

Charities Against Hate

Wednesday, 9 December, 2020

Leading charities have urged a united front to combat hate speech online after a survey* conducted by Charities Against... (Read More)

A black and white photo of a person looking at a cow with the Future Normal campaign logo over the top.

Future Normal now sees a thought-provoking 60-second advert airing on various on-demand TV channels throughout November. (Read More)

Thumbnail image looking down at two people eating vegan food out of bowls with the Live Vegan for Less campaign logo over the top

World Vegan Day: 1 November

Sunday, 1 November, 2020

The Vegan Society is marking World Vegan Day on 1 November with the launch of its Live Vegan for... (Read More)

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