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Welcome to The Vegan Pod – a podcast by The Vegan Society – where, each month, we’re joined by different guests to discuss a topical issue in the vegan realm. With athletes, vets, nutritionists and more asking questions from “Is a plant-based diet really enough to fuel an athlete?” to “Do companion animals make vegans hypocrites?”, our goal is to educate, inspire and help you on your vegan journey.

The Vegan Pod is available to listen to on Podbean, as well as Spotify, and Apple and Google Podcasts.

Think you’d make a good guest or want to let us know your thoughts on the latest episode? Send us an email at podcast[at]vegansociety[dot]com.

LATEST EPISODE: Should veganism be used as a vehicle for comedy?

In the latest episode of the podcast, we explore the world of comedy and ask whether veganism should be used as a vehicle for jokes. Most often veganism and its associated stereotypes seem to be the focus of negative jokes, but as veganism has become increasingly popular, we’ve seen more and more vegan comedians reclaiming vegan jokes and creating engaging, thought-provoking humour around the otherwise serious issue of animal agriculture.  

So how do you toe the line between making people laugh and raising awareness around an important issue? Does vegan humour reinforce negative assumptions about veganism or help to tackle them? Long-time vegans and professional comedians, Chris Stokes and Ishi Khan, join us on this episode to help us answer these questions and make us laugh!

The views expressed by guests on The Vegan Pod are not necessarily the views of The Vegan Society.

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