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Find out how many animals you could save if you go vegan today

Veganalyser background Following on from the success of the launch of the World Vegan Month digital app the Veganalyser, we've updated it so that it is now better than ever! You can still easily find out how many animals you would save in your lifetime if you went vegan today, wherever you are in the world. Already vegan? The Veganalyser can also calculate how many animals you've saved since you've been vegan.

All stats are taken from the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization's statistics department. To learn more about how we calculated the stats and other information such as general and technical FAQs, head to our about section

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Feel free to share the results with your friends. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr sharing are all available once you receive your results, or you can download an image of your results and share it yourself.

With thanks to designer and developer Adam Duncan.

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