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Welcome to The Vegan Society’s Researcher Network!

Launched in 2018, the Network is open to all independent or early-career researchers and postgraduate students who are conducting research into any of our three overarching research themes:

(1) Health & Wellbeing: health outcomes and benefits of vegan diets, mental health, nutrition.

(2) Society, Culture & Animal Ethics: non-human animal rights, political theory, speciesism.

(3) Environment & Sustainability: environmental costs of animal agriculture & animal product consumption, food security. 

Membership includes access to research and peer support via our Research Advisory Committee, supporting The Vegan Society’s research projects, and a platform to share your work and connect with fellow members. For a membership registration form just send an email to our Research Assistant, Alex, at [email protected]. Please note that members of the Researcher Network are not volunteers for The Vegan Society and do not speak on The Vegan Society's behalf.

Monica Barnard, Vegan Society Researcher Network member

Monica Barnard

University of Sussex

Dr. Tani Khara, Vegan Society Researcher Network member headshot

Dr. Tani Khara

Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Qiyuan Liang

University College London

Cameron Dunnett, Vegan Society Researcher Network

Cameron Dunnett

Edge Hill University

Alex Kimbo, Vegan Society Researcher Network Member

Alexandra Kimbo

University of Essex

Caroline Holroyd, Vegan Society Researcher Network Member

Caroline Holroyd

University of Chester

Daniel Breeze, Vegan Society Researcher Network Member

Daniel Breeze

Loughborough University

Luiz Gustavo Silva Souza, Vegan Society Researcher Network

Luiz Gustavo Silva Souza

Kingston University (London)


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