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Compassion in fashion

In a vegan society, the fashion industry, like all other industries, would be animal-free. With gorgeous alternatives to leather, suede, fur, wool, pearls, and silk readily available at a great price, it’s time for vegans to lead the way in a new trend.

Out with the old...

...and in with the new! The days of ugly vegan sandals are long gone, so you don’t even need to think twice about swapping your old shoes for shiny new vegan ones. If you're a keen fashionista, veganism should be right up your street. There are plenty of options, whether you're looking for winter boots, comfortable yet smart shoes, or stilettos with heels so high they should only be worn in taxis. And you don't have to go to specialist shops: check out our article on vegan shoes for more.

Make the call

More and more vegan clothing retailers are popping up online, while existing retailers are offering up vegan alternatives to gothic leather jackets, walking boots and more. If you’re wondering whether your favourite designer or retail store has a vegan range, why not call up and ask? The more we demonstrate demand, the more likely it is companies will provide us with increased vegan options. In the meantime, most mainstream high street stores offer wool-free cardigans and non-leather jackets, so you don't have to jump for the expensive option.

Get the vegan look

Look for products with the Vegan Trademark, the international symbol guaranteeing no animal products and no animal testing. You can search online for Vegan Trademarked products here. Why not buy your next pair of fashionable shoes from fashionistas Beyond SkinBourgeois Boheme or Noah, along with a stylish bag from Jentil?

Easy vegan fashion?

It’s possible, it’s affordable and completely ethical, if you know where to look. The good news is that many brands are already using alternatives to leather, fur and wool. The bad news is that it can be hard to find them. For example, Superdry’s seemingly woolly scarves and winter clothes are actually 100% acrylic, but you wouldn’t know from looking. If you’ve ever spent hours searching among labels to find your perfect wool-free cardigan, it’s time to contact the company and ask them to register their products with the Vegan Trademark. This will also work if the company currently do not offer anything vegan: let’s demonstrate demand!

The starting point

Not everyone knows where to look to find great vegan fashion, so we've provided this handy list. All the brands here offer international shipping. 

If you’re just looking for cheap vegan-friendly clothing, remember your local high street shop will offer non-animal derived alternatives: just check the label. Our article on vegan-friendly shoes in high street shops may help.

Asos - offer an 'Eco Brands' range. While there are some animal-derived materials in this section you can still search ‘vegan’ to find some great fashionable pieces from the collection.

Beyond Skin – stylish vegan shoes from the UK 

Bourgeois Boheme – haute couture vegan shoes and accessories from the UK

Braintree Clothing – natural sustainable fibres clothing company from Sydney, Australia, now based in London. Vegan friendly options clearly labelled.

Ethical Wares - a vegan friendly mail order company run by vegans, with a wide range of footwear and accessories as well as clothes.

Etsy – has a large vegan friendly sectionwhere you can find beauty products alongside clothing. 

H&M – makes many non-animal derived, cheap and fashionable options.

Herbivore Clothing – vegan friendly US based trendy online store

People Tree – internationally based sustainable and fair trade on-trend fashion with lots of vegan friendly clothes. 

Phloem – online marketplace for vegan friendly footwear, clothing and accessories sold by only 100% vegan friendly brands.

Rawganique – Canada based vegan friendly organic hemp clothing

Secret Society of Vegans – cute vegan friendly tees and accessories from the UK

The Compassionate Closet – vegan friendly clothing, accessories and shoes store from the US

The Dharma Store - vegan friendly clothing and accessories promoting a vegan message. 

Truth Belts – vegan friendly belts and accessories from Canada

Unicorn Goods - US based vegan friendly online store

Vaute Couture – vegan friendly fashion from the US

Vegetarian Shoes – sturdy vegan friendly shoes from the UK

Wawwa – organic clothing from a UK social enterprise