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Petr Kudelka studied law, human rights and jazz guitar, currently working for the Vegan Society of Austria, coordinating a project on the human rights of vegans. He also works on human rights implications of community policing as well as privacy and data protection. He is interested in animal rights, drug policy and psychedelic research and is a passionate musician and meditator.

Relevant Publications: Vegan im Recht – Austrian Edition (with Ralf Müller Amenitsch, Felix Hnat), Vegan - All quadrant considerations for an integral diet, Veganophobia, in Transformation, edited by Fred Luks, with Giuseppe Delmestri and Regine Bendl, published in August 2018, Weltanschauung, und wenn ja wieviele? protection of secular beliefs in Europe, case study on veganism, journal for public law

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