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Selina is a qualified Barrister-at-Law called to the Bar of Ireland. She holds an International degree in Legal Science and French, an LL.B. Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Galway, Ireland; and a LL.M. Master of Laws degree and Graduate Diploma in European and Comparative Law from University of Limerick, Ireland.

As a barrister in private practice, amongst other areas of law, Selina has been involved in advising and litigating in cases related to various aspects of legal protections pertaining to human rights and animal rights and welfare, and has represented clients in court cases concerning animal cruelty, wildlife protection, food/agricultural regulations, disputes over animal ownership or custody, and issues related to legislation regarding animals.

Selina has also worked closely with some environmental and human and animal rights organisations and governmental and non-governmental bodies as a legal consultant.

Selina currently lives in the Netherlands and works as in-house international legal counsel with a global non-profit plant-based food awareness organisation, which intersects the animal advocacy movement. She also works as a lecturer, researcher, and project coordinator at an international higher education institution.

Selina is a member of a number of professional organisations working in the field, including the Animal Lawyers’ Network of the UK Centre for Animal Law (A-Law) and the Wild Animal Initiative Research Community. She is an expert panel member of both World Animal Justice (WAJ) and the Global Animal Law (GAL) Association; and a member of the Animals & Biodiversity thematic working group of the Global Research Network Think Tank.

Selina is also an independent researcher and writer on animal law subjects, having contributed as a guest writer on various blogs relating to animal law worldwide.

During her postgraduate studies, Selina focused her research on the legal, ethical and regulatory framework concerning animal culling in the context of international public health law and growing recognition of animal sentience. Selina aims to continue to explore potential research pathways and opportunities to undertake PhD research in the field. Selina is open to connecting with scholars, academics, practitioners and researchers around the world who share the same research interests and to contributing to research projects in the field.



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