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Paul Crouch (Chair)

Paul has done much strategic work with the homeless in his hometown of Brighton, including founding and helping run a Community Self-Build for Rent project. Paul is also a Board member at AmicusHorizon Housing Association and wishes to utilise his experience to help guide the strategic business of the Society in a positive, collective environment. Paul believes that we live in a time when the use of animal products is unnecessary and has been vegan for the past 22 years. 

Paul Crouch

No, we have not made a mistake in double listing Paul Crouch; we have two members with the same name on Council! Like so many vegans, Paul loves vegan food, and he is very fond of his cat. Paul works for the NHS and specialises in testing and assurance of IT solutions, making sure systems are safe, reliable and cost-effective. Paul believes we should support outreach work by local groups, particularly focusing on younger people, and ensure The Vegan Society is the ‘to go to’ organisation for input into debates where popular media coverage exists. Veganism is starting to become more normalised in our society, and Paul believes we need to mainstream veganism as soon as possible for the animals, and ourselves.

Menna Jones 

Menna is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and for the past three years has been Clinical Lead of a multi-disciplinary NHS team. She has a particular interest in promoting the relevance of veganism within contemporary Welsh culture and regularly translates vegan resources into Welsh. Menna is currently working on establishing a Welsh language social networking group to promote veganism. As a committed vegan for the past eight years and long-time member of The Vegan Society, Menna values the Society's role in supporting vegans.

Alex Kapila 

Alex is a marketing and communications specialist and intends to use her experience to help identify the most effective channels to overcome objections and persuade organisations and individuals to engage with veganism. Alex became vegan in 2007 after reading a harrowing account of the slaughter of a pig in a national newspaper, when she realised that pain is pain - for all sentient creatures.

George Rodger 

Born in 1940, George is the only Trustee older than The Vegan Society itself! A retired science teacher and long-time Trustee, George is extremely active in the veg*n scene in the North East of Scotland. He has compiled several editions of the Vegan Passport and has a particular interest in the Society’s Trademark operations. He has been vegan since 1992, despite having been brought up on a livestock farm.