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Edward Daniel (Chair)

Edward is a corporate commercial solicitor. He became vegan upon awaking one day and realising that eating sentient beings was not sustainable and was causing harm. Since coming to that realisation, Edward has volunteered his skills with The Vegan Society, and has his own vegan recipe blog and book series coming out. He hopes to build on the legacies of forerunners to help The Vegan Society grow as it becomes increasingly relevant to mainstream culture.  

Stephen Walsh (Vice Chair)

Born in Belfast and vegan since 1993, Stephen’s contributions range from helping with Vegan Camp to writing Plant Based Nutrition and Health, formulating VEG1 and assisting the charity's relocation. As the embodiment of so many members' efforts over so many years, The Vegan Society occupies a unique position at the heart of the movement. Having served as Chair, Treasurer and Company Secretary, Stephen sees honesty, accountability and good governance as key to The Vegan Society’s reputation. He looks forward to working with members, staff and trustees to ensure all vegans and potential vegans get excellent advice and support.

Menna Jones (Treasurer)

Menna is a consultant clinical psychologist, and has been clinical lead of a multi-disciplinary NHS team since 2010. She has a particular interest in promoting the relevance of veganism within contemporary Welsh culture and regularly translates vegan resources into Welsh. Menna is currently working on establishing a Welsh language social networking group to promote veganism. As a committed vegan since 2004 and long-time member of The Vegan Society, Menna values the society's role in supporting vegans.

Paul Crouch

Like so many vegans, Paul loves vegan food, and he is very fond of his cat. Paul works for the NHS and specialises in testing and assurance of IT solutions, making sure systems are safe, reliable and cost-effective. Paul believes we should support outreach work by local groups, particularly focusing on younger people, and ensure The Vegan Society is the ‘to go to’ organisation for input into debates where popular media coverage exists. Veganism is starting to become more normalised in our society, and Paul believes we need to mainstream veganism as soon as possible for the animals, and ourselves.

Felix Hnat

Felix has been an Austrian vegan advocate and animal rights activist for 15 years. He is the CEO of the Austrian vegan society and helped make Vienna one of the most vegan-friendly placed in Europe. Seven years ago he was accused in a famous animal rights trial in Austria and was finally acquitted of all charges in 2014. He holds a masters' degree in political economics, and is actively involved in many boards of trustees including on a European level. He brings international experience and expertise in media outreach to the council.

Constantin Imbs

Born in France and educated in England, Constantin is a natural internationalist. An enthusiastic cook, his colourful poster for the EU Eating Together project promotes diversity and educates caterers, by showing vegan foods accessible to the widest possible range of cultures. Providing accurate nutritional information in response to misinformation about vitamin B12 has led to positive changes in French national dietary advice and to discussions with the World Health Organisation. A keen promoter of the Vegan Trademark and VEG1 multivitamin in France and beyond, Constantin aims to reinforce and extend the role of the society worldwide.

Alex Kapila 

Alex is a marketing and communications specialist and intends to use her experience to help identify the most effective channels to overcome objections and persuade organisations and individuals to engage with veganism. Alex became vegan in 2007 after reading a harrowing account of the slaughter of a pig in a national newspaper, when she realised that pain is pain - for all sentient creatures. 

Sagar Shah

Sagar has been a vegetarian since birth and a vegan since 2007.  He comes from a Jain family, and believes his ancestors have been following a strict vegetarian diet for over 800 years.  Sagar helped start a grass-roots vegan movement within the UK Jain community in 2008.  Professionally, he works as a public policy economist, and holds first class degrees from the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics.  

Jenifer Vinell