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Answers to some common questions

Can you tell me if this product or ingredient is vegan?

If it doesn’t have our Vegan Trademark on it, the best thing is to contact the company: you'll receive the most up-to-date information and you’ll show demand for vegan-friendly products with clear, accurate labelling (a requirement by law).

Why isn't honey suitable for vegans?

Bees produce honey for themselves, not for humans. They are often harmed in the honey gathering process. There are plenty of ways to protect insect populations, support crop pollination, conserve the environment and sweeten our food without farming bees or buying honey, propolis, beeswax or royal jelly. To replace honey in your diet try maple syrup, date syrup, agave nectar or even dried fruits.

Are alcoholic drinks vegan?

Many are. If it doesn’t have our Vegan Trademark on it, the best thing is to contact the company. You could also try looking on www.barnivore.com. Many supermarkets are now labelling wine, beer and cider as vegan or not, so always check the labels.

Where can I buy vegan cheese?

Depending on where you live, vegan-friendly versions of cheese (and other foods) can be found in many large supermarkets, wholefood shops and online. There are many different brands to try so there's something for everyone.

Where can I buy other vegan products?

Vegan-friendly products are increasingly available in shops and online. Talk to local vegans, try a web search and have a look in the Free From aisle of your local supermarket.

What about medicine?

Medicines prescribed by doctors are normally first tested on non-human animals. This is unavoidable under current laws. What you can do is ask your doctor for medicines that possibly don't contain animal ingredients. Medicines usually come with an information leaflet listing the ingredients. Ask your pharmacist for advice too.

What should I do if my medicine contains animal ingredients?

Talk to your doctor about your concerns; do not simply stop taking it. We live in a non-vegan world and you can do more to help change things for the better if you're in good health.

Can you advise me about my health conditions?

We cannot give personal health advice. If you have a health issue that may be related to diet, your family doctor can refer you to a Registered Dietician, or you can search for an independent one.

Where does one obtain particular nutrients on a vegan diet?

Look at our Nutrition & health section for general guidance on receiving all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you require; including protein, iron, calcium and Vitamins B12 and D.

Where can I find information on vegan diets for children?

Well-planned vegan diets are suitable for all ages. Find out more about vegan diets for children in our Eating well for early life section.

How do I bake vegan cakes?

Have a look at the Cakes & desserts section of our Recipes pages. 

What about soya / soy?

Vegans aren't required to eat soya and it's possible to enjoy a healthy, well-balanced diet without it. See our Soya-free recipes for ideas.

Do plants feel pain?   

There is no evidence that plants experience suffering.  

Can vegan homes include non-human animals?

Many vegans share their homes with domesticated animals that cannot live independently. If you are looking for non-human companion, why not welcome a rescued animal from your local animal sanctuary into your home? 

Where can I meet other vegans?

Try local wholefood shops, vegan-friendly restaurants and online social networks. Also check out our list of nationwide Vegan Society Local & Group Contacts

How many vegans are there in the UK?

The Vegan Society estimates there are 150,000 vegans in the UK. More details here.

I want to do something to promote veganism, what can I do?

Have a look at our Take Action pages for ideas.

Can you publicise my vegan event?

If your event is vegan and not-for-profit, please submit details to us by email and we will consider it. 

Can you send me leaflets to give out?

Find out how you can order leaflets on our Leaflets page.

Can I start a vegan organisation?

Of course! You don’t need our permission to set up a vegan group.

Can I use your logo?

Our charity logo cannot be used by anyone but ourselves. Our trademark symbol can only be used by registered clients. Find out more about the use of Supporter and Partner logos here.

Should I register my vegan-friendly products and services with the Vegan Trademark?

Yes. Our Vegan Trademark holders benefit from trusted brand awareness for their business, discounted advertising rates, a free review in our quarterly magazine, a free shout out on Facebook and exposure for their products at exhibition events.

Who can apply for the Vegan Trademark?

Any company that produces vegan-friendly products. Our aim is to make the Vegan Trademark accessible to everyone.

How long does the Vegan Trademark licence run for?

Twelve months.

Where can I use the Vegan Trademark once I've registered?

You can use the Trademark to promote your vegan-friendly products on your website, on packaging and on other promotional materials.

Can I use the Vegan Trademark in a colour to suit my packaging?

The terms stated in your agreement can be tailored to individual needs.

What products can I register?

You can register vegan-friendly products or services. Our Vegan Trademark team will check each product to confirm it meets our criteria.

Can I register my catering business?

Yes. We can register you as a vegan-friendly catering business even if you have non-vegan menu items too.

Am I free to register all my vegan-friendly products?

Occasionally we come across products The Vegan Society deems unsuitable. We reserve the right to refuse any product submitted for registration if the product conflicts with our standards. We will attempt to work with you to find a suitable solution, such as recommending alternative vegan-friendly ingredients.

How many products can I register with the Vegan Trademark?

There is no limit.

How do I register with the Vegan Trademark?

The easiest way to begin the process is to contact us by email or calling 0121 523 1730.

When can I expect my Vegan Trademark application to be complete?

Please allow a 21 day turnaround.

What if I have questions relating to the Vegan Trademark?

Please contact us by email or call 0121 523 1730.

My question is not on this page!

To find the answer to your question, we recommend you:

  1. Browse our comprehensive website packed full of useful information
  2. Get in touch with your Local or Group Contact
  3. Post your question on our Facebook or Twitter channels
  4. As a last resort, contact us directly during UK office hours.