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A distinct new identity

Our new visual identity is about showcasing the vegan way of life from a fresh perspective and inspiring our audiences to view the society and veganism in a positive way. It aims to overcome negative stereotypes of veganism by showing that veganism is to be admired, is sustainable and is a rational choice about caring - not just for non-human animals, but for ourselves and the environment too.

Our new identity is an extremely valuable asset to our organisation and is to be safeguarded. PLEASE NOTE: our charity logo cannot be used by anyone and our Trademark symbol can only be used by registered clients

Our partner and supporter logos are available for use, but only by prior arrangement with our Communications team. Please contact us for more information. A copy of our partner branding guidelines is available here; our supporter branding guidelines are available here; and a detailed copy of our visual identity guidelines can be downloaded here.

Everyone responsible for communications - both externally and internally - including staff, volunteers, trustees, partners and supporters - is requested to please follow these guidelines carefully, to ensure The Vegan Society always presents a clear and consistent image that accurately reflects our values.

Vegan Society Partner and Supporter Logos  

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