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References to any company, organisation or individual contained within The Vegan Society website, including links to other websites from The Vegan Society website, are for information purposes only and do not constitute approval, endorsement or any ethical or value judgement on the part of The Vegan Society.

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Photos of non-human animals

We seek a world that does not reinforce the existing view that other animals are objects or 'commodities' to be seen on farms and in other captive environments. The only pictures of cows, goats, sheep, chickens and other animals on the website are taken at rescue centres. We similarly will not show pictures of most cats and dogs due to the large number of health and welfare problems, issues with 'puppy farms' and (ir)responsible companion animal 'ownership' (this word itself is problematic and reinforces the idea that other animals are property without having their own moral and legal status).

We recognise that many vegans choose to live with other animal companions and rescue them, rather than buy animals from shops or other commercial places. This compassionate action, combined with responsible and knowledgeable care is laudable. The Vegan Society does not necessarily view the taking of rescued animals into people's care as contradicting the spirit of veganism. Where possible vegan companion animal diets should be considered.

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