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Our values are at the heart of everything we do

Our values guide us in all areas of our work, from day-to-day activities to major strategy decisions. In 70 years our commitment to achieving our vision of a vegan world has not wavered. We see our values as our strength, as well as our responsibility. Here they are, in a nutshell:

cow lying in a field

We have respect for life

We believe all animals have a right to life and freedom and deserve to be valued as individuals. Respect for life means an end to all animal use, a world where people choose to receive all nutrition and sustenance from plants, support environmental sustainability, and wherever possible observe animals only in their natural habitat.

We use a positive approachchild touching sunflowers

With energy and enthusiasm, we shout from the rooftops everything there is to love about vegan diets and lifestyles (you may have noticed this by now!). We maintain a strong sense of focus which, when combined with positive messages, can go a long way to changing common misconceptions about vegans and veganism.

We are leading the wayBlack and white photo of Donald Watson gardening

The word ‘vegan’ was coined in November 1944 by our founding members. Today we are as committed as ever to continuing the work of Elsie Shrigley, Donald Watson and friends. The Vegan Society is always looking to the future, celebrating the indicators of progress which light the road ahead. 

someone using a magnifying glass on paperWe provide facts you can trust

Our resources, public events and campaigns provide accurate information based on the latest scientific evidence and research. We consult and work closely with academics on our Research Advisory Committee.
As an evidence-based organisation, our solutions are built on scientific facts, credibility, experience and opportunities for change. 

We empower peoplehands holding a plant

Volunteers make a huge difference across all areas of our work, contributing an enormous amount of time, energy and dedication to helping us achieve our aims. We place a high value on diverse people, ideas, backgrounds and experiences - we simply couldn't do this without them.

four people rowingWe achieve more together

Collaboration makes possible that which could not be accomplished by The Vegan Society alone. Our partners similarly recognise and embrace the importance of collaborative working. Together we believe we can achieve positive and long-term change in support of a shared vision of a sustainable and healthy world in which animals are respected and cared for. 

We maintain transparency at workbook on a veranda with grass growing from it

The Vegan Society is a small charity and we receive no government funding. It is imperative for us to continually find new ways of using our resources more efficiently, and to report accurately on achieved outcomes. We care about transparency and believe in being accountable to our members.

See our values in practice, read about our current campaigns.

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