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Raising the profile

Raising the profile of veganism has always been a key focus of The Vegan Society, and that remains true today. When we gave the vegan lifestyle a name in 1944, we kick-started a global movement. This movement is not only fast gaining momentum, but at the current rate of environmental degradation the vegan lifestyle will be the only lifestyle available in the future.

How progress is madehorse being stroked on the head

Through our work with individuals, organisations and companies we are:

  • Promoting veganism as a mainstream way of life
  • Highlighting the moral and legal status of other animals
  • Addressing issues of global food security and social justice
  • Expanding the Vegan Trademark globally
  • Advocating on behalf of vegans in vulnerable situations
  • Furthering knowledge of plant-based nutrition and health
  • Influencing public policy, giving vegans a stronger voice
  • Showing the world that veganism isn't only a viable option; it's a liberating, fun and exciting way to live

We're already seeing results

This is an exciting time for us as we push veganism from margins to mainstream. And of course, as the number of vegans increases, the easier it becomes to be a vegan.

Many businesses have already realised the power of the vegan pound (or dollar, or euro, or...you get the point), and so we have more and more fantastic animal-friendly products in mainstream stores and vegan-friendly options in restaurants. This is only the beginning. It's no small task, but it's succeeding and we're seeing the results.

Revealing the truth

One US animal protection group entices people to view distressing scenes of mistreated farm animals by paying viewers a dollar to watch a video. Although we don't believe such shock tactics are necessary, the facts cannot be denied and such scenes occasionally appear in our videos too, like the one below. This short video is from our groundbreaking documentary Making the Connection, providing all the information, arguments and facts you'll require when discussing the ethics of animal use with others. Please take the time to view it, share it with others, and be part of something amazing. Join The Vegan Society today.

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