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University of Reading

Currently my research on veganism is fairly broad in focus as I am within my first year. To date, I have focussed on comparing plant based milk substitutes (PBMSs) against cow’s milk in terms of their nutritional content.

The next stage of my research will be to conduct a variety of sensory tests on the different PBMSs available in the UK against cow’s milk. The aim is to consider ways in which the taste of the current varieties available could be improved in hope to inspire consumers to make the switch, whilst maximising the taste of current products.

Alongside this, I am hoping to conduct an observational study on the calcium status of vegan children and their bone mineral content to assess whether they are at risk of osteoporosis in later life and if so, provide insight into interventions that could help prevent against this. Additionally, I am hoping to compare the effectiveness of a blended plant protein supplement versus whey and soy protein supplements in terms of their ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis in weight training adults.

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