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selection of vegetables

A manifesto to re-define what being a vegan gardener and allotment holder means. 

harvested vegetables

Find out how you can make the most of the space that you have available to grow your own fruit and vegetables. 

person standing in an allotment

A reminder of my father’s farm in India

I’m Punjabi and have grown up spending lots of time on my grandfather’s farm in India, helping to milk the buffalos, growing organic vegetables without any fertiliser and that smell of natural food is mesmerising.

Lifting a chickpea ‘branch’ to show how the pods form like raindrops along it, with only one to three peas per pod. 

AC Baker tells us more about the joy of growing chickpeas on an allotment. 

close up of chicken

Find out how rescue chickens can make the perfect allotment companions.

alleyway allotment with community growers

From small beginnings - A story of urban community growing

Our Community Network Coordinator Rich Hardy gives his Top Tips for Veganic Growing. 

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