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Introducing the new Campaigner Network! We’re building a network of committed vegans across the country who are willing and able to campaign on our behalf. The Vegan Society are organising various campaigns to increase awareness of the benefits of veganism and our work, and to influence decision makers to adopt vegan friendly policies. We need the support of active members to spread our messages far and wide and reach as many people as possible.

Our Campaigner Network will be sharing our national campaign messages in their local community, and could be doing anything from meeting their local politicians; writing to their local newspaper; speaking with their local school or hospital; organising events or distributing The Vegan Society’s materials.

You’ll be given plenty of support and advice along the way and will have the opportunity to share your success stories (and challenges) with fellow campaigners.

I felt very passionate about the Plate Up For The Planet campaign and strongly believe that educating the public about the food on their plate is essential to tackling the climate issues we’re facing, as well as being an incredibly important strand of vegan activism. The Campaigner Network Action Pack material was really helpful for understanding the aims and how to go about taking part as a campaigner. The sample email was also incredibly useful, making it easier to get in contact with local eco-conscious organisations. The presentation was engaging and a good length, and the game a great tool for challenging people’s preconceived ideas. The physical materials were very popular too, with really useful freebies to hand out at the events. -   Suzie Jane Nimmo, South Lincolnshire Campaigner Network group.

Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

  • We’d love you to form groups in your local community to campaign on our behalf, but individuals can take part too. At least one of your group needs to be a member of The Vegan Society, and anyone involved on an individual basis must be a member.
  • If there’s already a group in your area, we’ll make introductions so you can join them. If there’s not we can set you up as a new contact.
  • We’ll provide you with action guides for each campaign activity. Don’t worry, we won’t overwhelm you, there will be 3 – 4 actions per year, giving you plenty of time to plan – and you can decide how much or how little to take on.
  • Once you’ve been accepted as a member of the Campaigner Network we’ll send you our welcome toolkit which provides general tips and guidance on campaigning. We’ll also need you to sign a few forms to confirm you’re happy to comply with our guidelines.
  • We’ll then give you access to our closed Facebook group where you can download current action guides, start sharing your experiences with other campaigners and check in with The Vegan Society campaigns team. (If you’re not on Facebook we can send the info to you by email).

Sign up to the Campaigner Network

Sorry, you have to be a member to be a Local Campaigner lead. To become a member, please go here.  

Sorry, but you have to be over 16 to volunteer with us. To explore other options, we reccomend you visit the Teen VGN website. We hope to welcome you back when we can!

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