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Love one, love all

Be AnimalKind is all about helping us to reconnect with our sense of compassion, and to learn how to live in alignment with our values. No one wants to contribute to suffering, but unfortunately most of us were raised to think of certain animals as ‘something’ rather than ‘someone’. 

All animal deserve our love and respect. Be AnimalKind creates a welcoming and non-judgemental space for everyone to consider how their actions impact the lives of animals. 

So many of us are animal lovers, and share our lives and homes with animals we care deeply about and consider part of the family. We know that our cats and dogs are individuals with their own unique personalities – and we know they can feel emotions such as joy, fear and excitement. 

But what about the other animals? The ones we have been taught to think of as food, clothing or entertainment. 

Be AnimalKind provides a space to rediscover how amazing our relationship with animals can be – and how to create that space in our everyday lives. 

Explore the Be AnimalKind website, where you can read heart-warming stories of animal rescue, watch short videos where people describe their ‘lightbulb moments’, and sign up to our Be AnimalKind newsletters. 

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Thank you for helping us to create the kind of world all animal lovers want to see.

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