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Take a look at our tantalising dinner options, good for you, your family and the natural world around you. You'll find plenty of familiar options, but with a vegan twist - from shepherd's pie to Thai green curry. Try our African peanut stew - over three times better for the planet than chilli con carne and more than six times better than steak and chips!

Spelt gnocchi with parsley pesto

Carbon emissions: 1.33kg per serving

By Simon Bishop
...(Read More)

Thai green curry

Beef kofta curry generates 3.7 times more CO2e than Thai green curry(Read More)

Chickpea butternut tagine

Beef kofta curry generates 2.3 times more CO2e than chickpea butternut tagine(Read More)

Shepherds pie

Steak and chips generates 10 times as much CO2e as vegan shepherds pie(Read More)

Sweet potato white bean chilli

Chilli con carne generates 9.3 times more CO2e than sweet potato and white bean chilli(Read More)

Tomato pasta

Chilli con carne generates six times as much CO2e as tomato pasta(Read More)

Tarka dal

Chilli con carne generates 7.8 times more CO2e than tarka dal(Read More)

Grilled ratatouille pasta

Steak and chips generates 5.4 times more CO2e than grilled ratatouille pasta(Read More)

Peanut stir fry

Chilli con carne generates 3.3 times more CO2e than a peanut stir fry(Read More)

Sweet potato burgers

Steak and chips generates 6.8 times as much CO2e as Sweet potato burgers(Read More)

Rustic leek, potato and artichoke galette

Carbon emissions: 0.27kg per serving

From Cook Share...(Read More)

Cauliflower buffalo wings

Carbon emissions: 1.17kg per serving

From BOSH! by...(Read More)

Creamy mac & greens

Carbon emissions: 0.82kg per serving

From BOSH! by...(Read More)

Sri Lankan dal with coconut and lime kale

Carbon emissions per serving: 0.27kg

From Fresh India:...(Read More)

Mushroom & leek pie

Creamy mushrooms and leeks encased in a crispy, golden pie crust. Delicious, filling and a great choice to serve...(Read More)

Cauliflower vegetable bean chili

Carbon emissions: 1.06kg per serving

By ...(Read More)

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