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Alex Kimbo, Vegan Society Researcher Network Member
University of Essex

I am a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Essex, and currently finishing my thesis on rethinking sociology in light of “the animal challenge”, with a focus on developing a processual approach to (multispecies/interspecies) sociality. My research is situated within Critical Animal Studies, and I am committed to vegan principles. I completed my MA at Maynooth University, and BA at The University of Essex.

I was able to gain experience in qualitative as well as quantitative methods, and my research interests include: Environmental Sociology, Human-Animal Relations, Process Thought (A.N Whitehead), and Social Theory. I have previously taught at the University College London and The University of Essex.


Completed research projects:

  • G.H Mead And The Human-Animal Distinction: Challenges and Opportunities (MA)
  • Beyond Capitalism: Toward an ecological worldview (BA)


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