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Ellie Atayee-Bennett, Vegan Society Researcher Network
University of Southampton

I am a PhD researcher in Sociology at the University of Southampton exploring the experiences of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim vegans in the UK and I am funded by the South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership. I am interested in what is distinct about the religious vegan experience and what motivates religious individuals to embrace veganism. I am exploring various themes such as everyday experience, food practices, and understandings of both Abrahamic and vegan beliefs, practices, and values. I hope my findings will also help to improve vegan advocacy efforts, so we can have more meaningful conversations with religious communities. I have an interdisciplinary supervisory team and draw on theory from sociology, anthropology, and geography in my research.

I am a qualitative researcher and in my PhD, I am using a range of research methods, including semi-structured interviews, diary methods, participant observation, and an autoethnography. In my MSc (Social Research Methods), my dissertation explored the perceptions of veganism within the Muslim community of Britain, and for this I employed a mixed methods approach, utilising semi-structured interviews and a survey.

I am also co-founder of the recently founded organisation, Islamic Veg (www.islamicveg.org), which seeks to educate Muslims on a wide range of matters pertaining to veganism and debunk various myths that seem prevalent within the Muslim community.

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