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Rovira I Virgili University (Tarragona, Spain)

I am a freelance food and health consultant and an Argentinian-Spanish social and cultural anthropologist. I did my Master’s degree in medical and global health focusing on organic food in the South West of England. Recently, I have started the PhD programme in Anthropology and Communication. The research line is medical and global health Anthropology focusing on food. I have experience in qualitative and quantitative research in Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, and the United Kingdom.

I am a food lover and especially love healthy non-processed food. My next challenge is to start researching vegan food in Argentina. And I know it will be exciting because Argentinians are meat lovers, and this is part of their identity as a country. Even though they are meat lovers, the most interesting part is to research how vegan food has been becoming a new trend in the last few years. It will contribute to understanding how veganism and the culinary culture works in other contexts. 




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