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Gelareh Salehi
Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid

Gelareh Salehi is an academic researcher based in Paris with expertise in the multi-disciplinary field of dietary behaviors. Her research focuses on consumers' behaviors related to veganism and vegetarianism. In her master's thesis, she examined consumer purchase decision-making regarding vegan foods. Her Ph.D. thesis was dedicated to researching the stages of behavior change to become vegan. Gelareh has presented her research at international academic conferences, related advocacy associations, and peer-reviewed journals. She has participated in different research projects such as "Healthy and sustainable living" at Comillas Pontifical University in Spain, "Meatless Monday" at Université Generable in France, and "Online information researching about veganism" at The University of Southern Queensland in Australia. She is also a certified vegan nutrition coach who has helped hundreds of individuals in their lifestyle transformation to veganism. She is open to new opportunities to conduct research in both academia and the business sector to share her passion and continue learning about the topic

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