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Comillas Pontifical University, Spain.

Gelareh Salehi is a PhD candidate in the marketing department of Comillas Pontifical University in Spain. Her research focuses on consumers’ diet-related behaviours with a particular focus on vegan lifestyle, vegetarianism, and Following Veg*an Diets (FVD). Her master thesis was dedicated to consumer purchase decision making toward vegan foods, presented in “Sustainability: new challenges for marketing and socioeconomic development”.  In her current doctoral thesis, she studies (dietary) behaviuoral change processes, focusing on FVD, as a moral and sustainable eating practice. Her primary phases of exploring how different individual, social and situational factors can influence consumers’ vegan dietary choices is already presented in LATAM Congress on Social Marketing. Gelareh is jointly engaged in research activities of meatless Monday (lundi-vert) in France. She holds a certificate in vegan nutrition from Udemy.

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