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Our specialist volunteers provide The Vegan Society with a diverse range of skills that enable us expand and develop our work across a wide variety of projects.

Based across the world, specialist volunteering can be done from wherever you are, and only requires that you have the availability stated for each role or project. Specialist volunteers have supported with translation for the launch of our app VeGuide, helped to answer tricky questions around pharmacy and veterinary care, created the of illustrations for our membership cards and created specialised content for our web pages, to name just a few examples.

There are two ways specialist volunteers can engage with our work. Firstly, we have banks of volunteers who have expertise in a range of key skills. These include research, nutrition, graphic design, photography, and even legal expertise.

Secondly, we have specific projects that come up that you can get involved in. We will keep publishing details of any new projects that come up both on our newsletter, and here on our webpages.

Current specialist volunteering opportunities:

Social Media and Digital Content Volunteer Role Description

Role Description

Are you passionate about changing the way we treat animals? Do you want to help reduce environmental damage? Do you want to inspire people to enjoy healthy vegan food that both looks good and tastes great?

The Vegan Society aims to make veganism more accessible. We help people to adopt a vegan lifestyle by supporting individuals, policy- and decision-makers, caterers, manufacturers, healthcare professionals and the media.

Why do we need you?

Social media allows us to reach a diverse range of people and posts on sharing platforms help to spread our message more widely. To take full advantage of the opportunities offered by our online presence, we need to continuously plan ahead and assess the work we have already done. Volunteers have a vital role in this process.

What does the role involve?

This role will support the Digital Content Officer in creating, reviewing and researching all our digital content. You will be required to schedule general posts for our social media platforms and to moderate across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You may be asked to support the production of our podcast or review submissions to our blog. Specific research projects could include finding influencers for upcoming projects or recipes to include on our website.

You will also spend time looking at the social media platforms of other similar organisations to compare our engagement trends and to identify opportunities for future growth.

What training and development is available?

Each task will be introduced in a phased way, with a full induction and training session for each area, if required. This can be done via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

A member of staff will always be available for support and to answer your questions. We can provide specific training based on your current experience.

What skills would be useful in this role?

This role would suit someone who has experience of managing social media platforms (e.g. scheduling and moderating). Useful skills for this role include:

  • An understanding of how to engage a diverse audience
  • The ability to work independently and step outside your comfort zone
  • A willingness to learn and undertake further training and development
  • Attention to detail
  • Confidence in sharing creative ideas
  • Experience of gathering data
  • An understanding of how branding underpins digital communications
  • Experience of market research and competitor analysis
  • Confidence in asking questions within a busy team.

What does my availability have to be?

For remote volunteering, we request that you are available for four hours a week, either from 10am to 2pm or 12pm to 4pm (GMT).

Who does this role report to?

You will report to the Digital Content Officer.

Who can I contact to find out more?

You can contact Kaya (Supporter Services Coordinator) and Jen (Digital Content Officer) on [email protected], or you can call us on 0121 523 1730.

Proofreader Volunteer Role Description

Role Description

Are you passionate about changing the way we treat animals? Do you want to help reduce damage to our environment? Do you want to get people to enjoy healthy vegan food that looks good and tastes great?

The Vegan Society makes veganism more accessible and an easily adopted approach by supporting individuals, policy and decision makers, caterers, manufacturers, health care professionals and the media.

Why do we need you?

We produce written content over multiple platforms, and in a variety of styles. Written content will include our magazine The Vegan, blogs, press releases, website copy, handbooks, role descriptions and more.

What does the role involve?

This role will form a part of a bank of volunteers who focus on proofreading. You will need to proofread copy to a deadline and using The Vegan Society Style Guide to ensure consistency across all our copy. We will contact you with a proofreading task and ask if you have the availability to take it on. If you agree, you will be given the copy as well as our Style Guide and asked to return the proofread version to your point of contact by a set date.

What training and support is available?

Volunteering in this area will come with a full induction to the blog, the magazine, and the staff you will be working with. We are always prepared to deliver specific training on specific skills, as identified throughout volunteering. However, this is an independent role that is done remotely, and contact with staff will be mainly over email, so it is ideally suited to someone who is able to be self-sufficient.

What skills and attributes are needed for this role?

  • Experience of proofreading in a professional capacity or evidence of the equivalent qualifications
  • Excellent grasp of written English and grammar
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience of working to a brief, including a deadline
  • Able to communicate any training or support needs
  • Comfortable receiving constructive feedback
  • Open to training and development
  • Understanding of the importance of an organisation’s tone of voice
  • Awareness of The Vegan Society’s history, approach, and work

What does my availability need to be?

This role varies significantly in time required depending on the brief, you will only ever be expected to take on a task that you have reasonable time to complete. Ideally, we’d like all volunteers to be available for around 4 hours a month.

Who does this role report to?

This role reports directly to the Editor of The Vegan and the Supporter Services Coordinator. You may have a different point of contact once you are in post and depending on the type of proofreading you do.

Who can I contact to find out more?

You can contact Kaya (Supporter Services Coordinator) on [email protected], or you can call on 0121 523 1730.

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