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Follow our guidance to make the most out of distributing leaflets for The Vegan Society. 

"While our messages can be serious, we should convey them in a way that demonstrates our good nature. Nobody wants to be talked at – they want to join in the conversation." - Quote from The Vegan Society's brand guidelines.

Use a positive approach when speaking to the public about veganism.

We are an inclusive charity and welcome supporters and members at all stages of their vegan journey. The best way to help non-vegans to become vegan is to set a positive example and to focus on the benefits of veganism. Taking a positive angle and focusing on the benefits will help people to make and maintain long-term changes.

Always be respectful when advocating to members of the public.

Take time to listen carefully to their views and beliefs about veganism and tailor your response to each individual. No one should ever be made to watch footage they don’t want to watch or shown graphic or upsetting content if they don’t want to see it. Leaflets are intended for use in environments where the interested public can take them and, ideally, have a meaningful conversation with an empathetic volunteer or Vegan Society supporter.

Leaflets should not be used in situations that are illegal. 

Where groups are trespassing or where the public is put under pressure to participate in an activity.

Do not use leaflets for door-dropping purposes. 

Research shows us that this is not an effective method of outreach or use of resources.

Research shows us that this is not an effective method of outreach or use of resources. 

They should instead be encouraged to request leaflets directly from The Vegan Society. Any unwanted leaflets can be returned to The Vegan Society for redistribution.

Enjoy your campaigning and take care of yourself. 

Talking to non-vegans about veganism can be tiring, but also both rewarding and inspiring.

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