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Abigail Stevens runs through the best gifts of the season

It’s that time of year again. The nights have grown darker, the days have grown shorter and many of us are scratching our heads trying to work out what to buy our loved ones this year. Whether you’re looking to buy something for that special person in your life, or you’re looking to see what to ask Santa for this year, we’ve got a list of some brilliant vegan gifts to give and receive (Santa, if you’re reading!) this winter.

1) Booja Booja truffles

Firstly, let's address the best part of the season. This time of year is a perfect excuse for gluttony, which usually involves the over-consumption of chocolate. If you're not tired of eating the stuff every day of the month in the run up to Christmas (we sure aren't), then why not indulge somebody with a box of Booja Booja truffles? Arguably the most luxurious vegan chocolate truffles on the market, they come in beautiful gift boxes which are ideal for that special person in your life (or just for you, because you're special too).

The Special Edition Gift Collection truffles (£12.95) are melt-in-your-mouth beautiful, as well as being gluten and soya free. Choose from two Truffle Selections or single flavour boxes which include the multi-award winning Hazelnut and Fine de Champagne Chocolate Truffles. You can find them online at Ocado or Goodness direct, or from your local independent health store, delicatessens and farm shops around the UK. 

Booja Booja truffles

2) Besos de Oro

For those people you know that enjoy a tipple during the festive season, why not treat them to a bottle of Besos De Oro? A creamy, delicious alcoholic drink, it’s often compared to Baileys due to its consistency and flavour. The 'cream' liqueur is made from Spanish Brandy and Tigernut Horchata from Valencia. As well as their ‘cream’ liqueur, Besos De Oro offer different types of chocolate and are currently doing a deal: a bottle of the liqueur and two bars of chocolate delivered in the UK for just £21. 

Besos de Oro


If you are looking to buy a present for somebody who loves to bake and they've got all of the kitchen gadgets you can think of, we have a great idea for you. HEAVEN + HELLTHY have created a bake at home cookie kit (£11) which makes a wonderful Christmas gift. Not only do they make perfect, decadent gooey cookies, this all-in-one baking kit is a breath of fresh air for those with allergies too.  As well as being registered with the Vegan Trademark, they are free from gluten, soya and nuts. It also comes in a pretty box, so you’ll not have to worry about wrapping. They’re on sale until Christmas, too!

Baking kit

4) Froothie blender

Indulged too much over the holidays? A sturdy, reliable and powerful blender has the potential to really mix things up in your kitchen and with your diet. We recommend the Optimum 9400 blender from Froothie (£299). Their best seller, it is an excellent, fully versatile professional blender with a high speed functionality of 44,000 rpm. Not only is it a useful present, it will be a gift that keeps giving for years to come with a minimum 5 year warrantee. It stands up to its well-known competitors Vitamix and Nutribullet, and exceeds them in quality. Plus if you buy through our link, we receive a donation too! 

 Froothie blenders

5) Faith in Nature gift set

We often see shower gel gift sets being given and received at Christmas. It's an understandably safe gift idea: most of us enjoy a good shower from time to time. However, such sets usually feature brands that aren't suitable for vegans. Enter our vegan alternative, which by far exceeds the bog-standard shower gel gift set in its quality and its ethical stance. Faith in Nature are well known for, well, giving us faith in nature. Their range of body, hair and skin products are formulated with essential oils for a natural fragrance, and are free from parabens and SLS. This coconut gift set (£16.99) makes a wonderful present, featuring full size shower gel, hand wash and body lotion made with organic coconut oil. It also comes in a reusable Faith in Nature bag which is ideal for those who love to travel! 

Faith in Nature gift set

6) Beauty without Cruelty gift set

For lovers of makeup, these pretty gift sets from Beauty without Cruelty are ideal. Beauty without Cruelty have been creating cosmetics for over 30 years, and all of their products are suitable for vegans. With sleek, attractive packaging and a bold range of colours, they have shades to suit any makeup enthusiast. As well as individual products, they sell some beautifully presented gifts, including the Lip Wise Gift Set (£25) that features two matte lipsticks in natural shades with two brushes to match. The Eye Power Gift Set (£25) also contains four essential products, the Full Volume mascara, two Soft Kohl eyeliner pencils and a Luxury Duo Pencil Sharpener, the ideal start to a Beauty without Cruelty collection! 

Beauty without cruelty gift set

7) LUSH Ice Ice Baby

Keeping it seasonal, handmade cosmetics company LUSH are renowned for their Christmas products and gifts which offer a fresh approach to body, skin and hair care. All LUSH products are handmade and sold in stores around the world. Each and every Christmas they launch a seasonal range which includes nostalgic scents and whimsical designs, ideal for gifting. Their gift sets come ready-wrapped in unique, attractive papers and boxes with a distinctive style that has become synonymous with the LUSH. Suitable for people of all ages and all genders, you can find something for everyone. We recommend the Ice Ice Baby gift (£10) which contains a pot of Snowman jelly wash and a slice of citrus Igloo soap. 

Ice Ice Baby set

8) Lincoln's Lunchbox biscuits

If you’ve got a canine companion that you’re looking to treat this Christmas, look no further. Lincoln’s Lunchbox handmakes scrummy biscuits (£2.99) for dogs, including a range of gluten free biccies! They are all registered with our Vegan Trademark and are suitable for dogs over 16 weeks.  Unlike other dog biscuits and snacks, they are entirely vegan, made using natural ingredients and containing no fillers, preservatives or artificial flavours. The range includes great varieties, using herbs for their health benefit.  They even have a festive flavour, perfect for Christmas! 

Dog biscuits

9) Vegan books and accessories

If you're looking for something more universal (and for humans), books always make great gifts. They can be handed down from generation to generation and you can find a book to suit anyone. We’ve got a great selection of books in our web store, from vegan cookery and lifestyle to children’s books. We sell them at a discounted rate and all profits go towards The Vegan Society. We also have a large range of clothing and accessories, from tops to hoodies, coffee mugs to keyrings, bags and more.

 Vegan hoodie

10) Vegan Society gift membership

Finally, if you are looking to buy a gift for that one person in your life who seems to have everything or doesn’t enjoy material goods, we recommend buying them membership to The Vegan Society. A gift membership starts at just £24 and the recipient will receive a great discount card too. Right in time for Christmas, we have introduced two types of welcome packs perfect for giving to loved ones. Our 'go vegan' pack is full of supportive information for those who are thinking about going vegan. Our 'vegan welcome pack' is for anyone you know who is already vegan but has yet to join The Vegan Society. You can also pick the day when the membership starts. If you want the membership to start on Christmas day or on a birthday, now you can. 

Gift membership

Remember, you can always check out our gift guide from last year, too.

By Abigail Stevens

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