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Positive, strong personal stories can be a wonderful way of spreading the word about veganism and inspiring people to go vegan. If you’d like to help us ensure such stories make the news, read on!

The Vegan Society press office often hears from journalists from various newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations who want to interview a vegan. Such requests can range from a local radio station asking to chat to a vegan about their reasons for making the switch, to a magazine searching for vegan health stories, to a TV station running a segment on vegan children.

We want to match the right case studies with journalists and to be more proactive at sharing positive vegan stories with the media. Even if it feels like a short quote in a newspaper or two minutes on the radio, remember your message is seen or heard by thousands if not millions of people.

Every story is valuable, but we are particularly keen on these categories:

Please submit your story even if you feel it’s weak – it may be just what we need. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any experience but would still like to share your story – we offer media training and additional help ahead of any interviews.

Data protection and your rights

Your details will be securely kept. We will not share them until we receive a relevant media request that matches your story. You can remove your details from our database at any time by emailing media[at]vegansociety[dot]com and there is no obligation to give an interview at any point. Your decision is final.

Submitting your information does not guarantee you will be interviewed. We are not looking for any time commitment from you at the moment, but potential availability in the future. If we feel your story is strong enough, we may contact you to suggest we make it the subject of a press release.

Please contact the press office on media[at]vegansociety[dot]com or 0121 523 1738 with any questions.

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