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» VEG 1 voted the most sustainable vitamin supplement

The Vegan Society is celebrating after its exclusive nutritional supplement VEG 1 came top of the sustainable vitamin polls, just in time for its first plastic-free birthday.

Thanks to users of the wherefrom crowd-sourced sustainability review platform, VEG 1 received the perfect gift after topping the poll of 30 vitamin brand contenders - a year after its sustainable makeover. The sustainability review platform allows users to rate products on factors including packaging, ingredients and quality. The Vegan Society was the only entry to score an overall nine out of 10, with the average falling in at 7.5. The full report can be found here.

The society’s vegan-inspired, chewable multivitamin is an affordable and reliable source of seven key nutrients including vitamin B12, D3, iodine, selenium, B2, B6 and folic acid. And, as well as also being gluten-free, yeast-free, wheat-free and lactose-free, a year ago ‘plastic-free’ was also added to its credentials – a move inspired by eco-conscious customers. And, since ditching the white plastic pot for an 100% recyclable aluminum tin, the society has sold just under 144,000 pots.

Aluminium has a low moisture transition rate and protects from reactive elements in the air, making it the perfect vessel to keep VEG 1 fresh.  All postage and packaging used is also completely free of plastic.

Here is what some wherefrom reviewers had to say. 

“I love this product. I and others asked for better packaging when it was plastic and we got it because you listened. Thank you!”

“VEG 1 is a great product for vegans, I was so happy when it went plastic-free! The container is made from aluminium which can be infinitely recycled. The Vegan Society also encourage users to re-purpose their old tins, which is a nice touch.”

“Nicely packaged in recyclable metal and the tasty tablets are easy to chew. Hopefully they are doing us good as well.”

Since its relaunch, we calculated its new-look packaging has saved 4032kg of plastic – roughly the weight of eight polar bears, nine grand pianos or two and a half medium cars. What’s more, unlike other packaging materials, aluminium and other metals can be recycled infinitely, without any degradation in quality.

Bethany Dandy, VEG 1 Marketing Officer at The Vegan Society, said: “It’s such fantastic news that VEG 1 came out top in wherefrom’s sustainability ranking, especially after so much work to finally make our plastic-free dreams a reality a year ago. We’d like to thank our customers as well as wherefrom users for their support.

We’re always working to strengthen customer confidence. It’s especially important when it comes to vegans keeping on top of their nutrients, but we also became increasingly aware that plastic pollution is a problem many vegans are consciously trying to avoid. It’s great to know the move has paid off and now even more people are benefitting from VEG 1.”

VEG 1 is available in either orange or blackcurrant flavour and can be bought as a three-month (£7.60) or six-month (£13.90) supply. You can read more about VEG 1 and place an order online here. If you are already a customer and would like to review the supplement, you can do so on the wherefrom site here.


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