Asda makes Vegan Trademark a highlight on groceries website

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» Asda makes Vegan Trademark a highlight on groceries website

One of The Vegan’s Society’s largest Trademark holders, Asda, has updated its website to include our trusted sunflower logo on over 600 products. The items are continually updating and include well-known brands as well as much of Asda’s own brand label items.

The Vegan Trademark now sits on the right-hand side of the product image and can easily be seen while browsing, or searching in specific areas. For anyone looking to understand more about the logo, they can click on it, and a blurb about The Vegan Society will explain the high standards we set.

Nishat Rahman, Digital Marketing Officer at The Vegan Society, said “It’s now easier than ever for people to go, stay and shop vegan at Asda thanks to this feature. Shopping vegan is not only more accessible for vegan customers, but identifying vegan products through our trusted mark is invaluable for non-vegan friends, family members and colleagues shopping for vegans or trying something new.”

Screenshot of Asda website with Vegan Trademark products

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