Loma Linda's TUNO secures Vegan Trademark

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» Loma Linda's TUNO secures Vegan Trademark

Global plant-based food brand Loma Linda has become the first seafood alternative to carry The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

The brand’s innovative range of TUNO products which offer a plant-based alternative to tuna fish, will now carry the Vegan Trademark across its entire range.

The work towards this goal began several years ago when Loma Linda launched TUNO in the UK, offering a protein-rich, gluten-free product which features the light, flaky texture of seafood and is completely fish-free.

Loma Linda’s varied range of ready-to-eat complete meals has also been awarded the internationally recognised vegan sunflower.

The Vegan Trademark is globally recognised across multiple industries including food and drink items, textiles, fashion, toiletries and cosmetics and provides a highly sought-after label which reassures consumers the product is free from both animal testing and ingredients. 

The Vegan Society is also pleased to see Loma Linda’s recent commitment to protect one million fish in the world’s oceans by 2023, as part of its Turn the Tide with TUNO campaign. The brand, which has to date protected 300,000 fish in our oceans through sales of its innovative products, is asking people to make a simple pledge to swap out one can of tuna for a plant-based product each week.

Douglas Hines chairman Atlantic Natural Foods said: “Registering our TUNO products with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark is a significant milestone in our mission to ensure we provide consumers with the best possible products to support plant-based lifestyles. As leaders in the seafood industry for more than 40 years, we are aware of the impact that our consumption of fish has had on our oceans. It is our responsibility to empower consumers to make this choice by providing a range of sustainable, nutritional, versatile, and tasty plant-based protein products.

“We want to raise awareness of how individuals can help alleviate these issues, with the hope of allowing future generations to enjoy seafood in their diet, while protecting one our most vital ecosystems – our oceans.Our partnership with The Vegan Society will help boost the work we are already doing to inform, educate and encourage people to make the most sustainable food choices possible.”

Chantelle Adkins, Director of Business Development at The Vegan Society added: “We are pleased to see TUNO products are now verified by the Vegan Trademark. This business has been working ethically through vegan practices for many years and we are delighted it is now officially registered and can inform its consumers that what they’re eating contains no animal ingredients, and hasn’t been tested on animals either.

“TUNO’s ambition to continue its good work is not faltering either – its pledge to save one million fish by 2023 demonstrates an ongoing commitment to deliver results and bring about change.”

Loma Linda’s TUNO is available from major UK retailers including Asda, Morrisons, Aldi, Holland and Barrett and selected independent health food stores.

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